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I’ve heard quite a lot about this program. Most of the reviews are negative which made me want to check it out.

I discovered many things which gave me pause: let me dig a little deeper here. Can you make money with this program? Let’s find out.




Name: 2by2ForYou

Website URL: https://2by2foryou.com

Customer Support: 256 270 2277

9am to 5pm (CST)

Training: 4.0 Out Of 5.0

Support: 4.5 Out Of 5.0

Price: $25.00 to Start – $150 Top Level

Some Upsells to Other Programs




Even though some may question what marketable products are actually available to retail, it’s strength is in the simplicity of making you money. There are some benefits worth looking into as you progress from phase to phase, especially in the “Executive Director” phase but overall I like the programs simple approach to making money and I’m not overly concerned with the lack of retail products to load up my recruit with.

The actual “how does it work” portion of the program is relatively easy. In the beginning you enter Phase 1 of the 4 that are available. You must start with phase 1 and progress through phase 4 unless you want to purchase all 4 at once. Starting at Phase 1 you must fill up your “matrix” which, as the name implies, is 2 x 2. Fill up means to recruit other people into the program as paid members. You are at the top of your personal matrix and you have two open slots directly beneath you. Under those two Slots there are four additional ones for a total of 6 open slots. Upon filling up all 6 slots either through your direct efforts or through your new recruits efforts or from your upline, you will be paid commission. You can then either repeat Phase 1 or move on to Phase 2. The entry fee for each succeeding phase is higher but the commission is also higher. There are also additional benefits as you progress through the phases.


Entering each phase you will get different access to certain benefits. For example, Phase #1 called Manager, not only is the platform where you begin your money making, it also gives you access to the “KISS RETAIL GOODBYE” card which can save you money on all your everyday purchases.

Once you’re inside the “KISS RETAIL GOODBYE” you’ll have access to some of the best coupons, promotional codes, sales, and specials the Internet has to offer. Thousands of merchants with millions of products await you with more being added daily. Additionally, the company has also packed KRG with benefits and services, along with FREE stuff and so much more.

In addition to the card,  Phase #1 also entitles you to:

* A Replicated Website

* A Back Office with Tracking Technology

* Marketing Materials

* Exclusive Benefit Package

* Access To Direct Sales Products


You can re-enter Phase #1 as many times as you like and each time you will continue to enjoy the savings on all your purchases through the Kiss Retail Goodbye card, along with the Exclusive Benefit Package, maintenance of your replicated site, “LIFE” customer service, back office tracking technology and marketing material. When you complete Phase #1 you can start Phase #2 or stay at Phase #1. The cost to enter each higher phase increases – but so does the commission.

Phase #2 or General Manager gives you access to “ALABAMA WHOLESALE TRAVEL” which can save you money on all your travel needs.

Phase #3 or Regional Director entitles you to “COFFEE CUP NEWS 4 YOU” a digital information center focusing on Health and Nutrition.

Phase #4 or EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR bumps the “Coffee Cup News 4 You” benefit up to the Executive Edition focusing on the latest news around the world.

In addition to these benefits, 2BY2FORYOU” will give you access to Direct Sales Products. These products can be used to generate a very lucrative income for you as well as help build your 2by2foryou business.

One such Direct Sales Products is “RAMBO & ROCKY’S VIRTUAL FLEA MARKET”


Another Direct Sales Product is: “MISS COW PATTY’S FUNDRAISING PARTY”



MISS COW PATTY’S FUNDRAISING PARTY gives you the ability to set up fundraising with any non-profit organization.


The comp plan works as a 2 by 2 matrix. In other words you are at the top of your matrix with two open slots directly beneath you. Beneath those two slots are four more for a total of 6 empty slots. This 2 by 2 matrix never changes. The idea is for each recruit to do exactly as you and get their two recruits. As you pass through each higher Phase, you will always need 6 recruits to get commission. You, along with the help of your recruits, must fill up those slots. The fee to start with Phase #1 is $25 and when you fill up all six of the slots, you are entitled to a commission of $60. – You can do Phase #1 as often as you like but the idea is to move up to the higher commission levels. Phase #1 is called the MANAGER level.

To become a GENERAL MANGER or Phase #2 you pay a one-time fee of $50 and upon filling up your 6 slot matrix, you earn commission of $130.

Phase #3 or REGIONAL DIRECTOR costs a one-time purchase of $100 and returns a commission of $250.

Phase #4 or EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR will cost you $150. Just like the other phases, you need to fill up the 6 person matrix and upon completion you will earn commission of $400.


This program is all about recruiting. If you’re good at it, you might be able to make this program work. If you’re not, you’re in for some pretty long days. It’s as simple as that. But, hold on, you can always increase your chances of success by taking a look at a program I use and highly recommend. It gives you 100 leads each day. New, fresh, USA leads. It lets you mail every 24 hours. It keeps your leads for you and gives you complete statistics as to how many people opened your mails and how many clicked thru. You can export your leads if you want to but I don’t. It’s much cheaper to keep them where they are. I do download them to my computer in case I ever change my mind. – It’s a great little program, simple to use and even has a referral program. When you get your first referral he doubles your leads to 200 each day. That’s 6000 leads per month. If you would like to learn more about this program and perhaps use it to recruit for 2×2, just CLICK HERE.

This is an ideal program to use if you think you’re going to join 2by2foryou. Of course, you can use it for any program you want and having fresh, new leads every day is almost a necessity.. If you are going to join 2by2foryou, please consider joining under me RIGHT HERE. You would enter my matrix and I, of course, would be available to help you personally. We would have a relationship which I would honor with any tips and advice I can offer regarding future programs you might decide to join.







Most people don’t make money online. It’s because they don’t get the training and education they need in order to succeed at Internet Marketing. It takes them a long time to learn that the “get-rich-quick-schemes” just don’t work. They are almost always scams. And the fact is that most of them ask for your money (non-refundable, of course) up front.

Finding a legitimate opportunity that delivers exactly what the say they will, is not easy. But there is a real way for an average person to still make money on the Internet. I know because I belong to one.

What I’m talking about is a long term approach (3-6-9 months) needed to teach you a “trade” that will stay with you the rest of your life and will pay you more money that you ever thought possible. You will actually be taught how to create an Internet business from the ground up, along with how to monetize it and maintain it. Don’t worry – no special skills are necessary. If you can read and follow directions you will be successful.

What’s so special about my company? – They will teach you for FREE! – Yes. You can join for free and stay a free member for as long as you want. – While you’re a free member, during the first seven days, you will have a website built for you – free of course – and receive the first 10 lessons which will show you exactly what to put on your new site and how to monetize it. After the seven days free trial is over, you can remain a free member and still have access to continue your education. Upgrading, of course, will get you where you want to go much faster but the point remains, you can join for free – convince yourself that it’s the direction you want to go in – all for FREE!   Isn’t that the way all companies should operate? Test drive it – see for yourself – before you invest one thin dime.

I’m going to show you the four areas we need to cover just to give you “heads up” about what to expect. But from your end all you need is ambition, a strong desire to succeed, a willingness to be teachable.and a tough, never quit attitude; especially when you run into your first brick wall. Just remember, walls were made to go through, around, or over. You’ll have all the help you can possible use to get over any walls. I will see to that!





The formula which is time tested, strong, and proven, will involve the following four steps. Each step will be addressed at length through video classes, live lectures, the brightest and best instructors on the Internet and my assistance. The only way you can fail is to quit.


Believe it or not you can actually pick almost anything and still be successful. It helps, however, if you pick something that you either know a little about or have more than a passing interest in. If you can’t think of anything  – we’ll help you there also.


This will be done for you right away. – For free, of course. You’ll actually get two free websites. You will be shown step by step exactly how to build a website an what to do with it.


This is probably the most important topic for bloggers. What good is a website if no one ever visits it? Of course, the singularly most important item is website content but again, you must be able to attract visitors. You will learn how to do this.


Of course making money is what it’s all about. There are so many easy ways to do this; all of them covered in your training.


Ok, it’s decision-making time. – The big question for you is…….”what have I got to lose?” Are you going to continue doing the same thing expecting different results? Or choose to chart a new course? You can break the cycle if you make the right decision. If you’re like me you’ll love the way I make a living and go on to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Sound impossible? Think again. That’s the big secret about blogging. Lives are literally being turned around.


One last request. – Click anywhere on this line, read the final page, You’ll thank me later!



Thanks for giving me so much of your valuable time.

I want to help you succeed,













































































































John Kalin

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