5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait To “Create A Blog Account”

Some of the reasons I get for waiting to create a blog account range from …”Now is not the best time to start something new..” to …. “We’re getting ready to go on vacation”…and everything in between.  I also get many “the dog ate my homework” types.  Here are 5 of my favorites along with my response to each.

Reason #1:  My high school teacher, Mrs. McDougal, will read my blog and point out to everyone all my grammar mistakes.

My Response:  Not to worry!  Wealthy Affiliate has a grammar and spell checker that is second to none.  Simply click on the grammar icon after you’ve finished your post and it will highlight any errors you’ve made and with a click of your mouse, you can correct them.




Wealthy Affiliate Teaches You Greatness


If you ask “Mrs. McDougal” she’ll be the first to tell you “you’re doing the right thing, Sonny”  Always try to improve yourself.  Keep a positive attitude and don’t invent reasons to fail!

You’re creating a lifetime business to help you and your family, not to please your former high school english teacher.  No one is expecting you to win the Pulitzer Prize in Literature.  What you’re doing is “helping” people by answering their questions in a straightforward way while at the same time pointing them to a rewarding new career opportunity.  Talk to people as if they were your old friends.  Imagine you’re sitting around the kitchen table explaining to them about how WA can help them.  Make your posts friendly, addressing their concerns as if they were yours.  Don’t over complicate things.  Spending all your time trying to write the perfect post only leads to “perfection paralysis.”

Reason #2:  If I do make money I’ll only have to pay more taxes.

My Respose:  Paying highter taxes should not affect your desire to succeed.  In fact, it is an indication that you actually are succeeding.  You want to make more money to give you and your family a better lifestyle.  The more money you make, the brighter your future will become.  The path to getting there is through Wealthy Affiliate.



Reason #3:  It would probably be bad for my health to sit around the house all day in my pajamas.

My Response:  On the contrary, you may consider this an opportunity to make some changes regarding your health.  For example, you could schedule a specific time each day to take a walk or exercise.  You won’t be a slave to a time clock nor will you have a “boss” to tell you when your “break” is over or jump down your throat if you happen to be a few minutes late.  No, you’ll pretty much be able to call your own shots.

Remember, one of the greatest benefits of Wealthy Affiliate is that you can do your work anytime, anywhere, anyplace. It’s easy to pattern your life around that kind of schedule.




Reason #4: I’ve been working at McDonalds for 6 hard years and I understand they are now considering moving me up to “Fries” and I don’t want to jeopardize that opportunity.

My Response: Congratulations and by all means hold on to your present job until you finish your WA education and begin to see the fruits of your blogging career start to materialize.

Keep in mind, however, that in most cases a person rarely gets rich working for someone else.  By starting Wealthy Affiliate now, you get the chance to eventually fire your boss and take control of your future.  Wealthy Affiliate is very similar to a vocational or trade school.  The school’s whole focus is concentrated on teaching you one subject.  You get a very well-rounded education and when you’re turned out, you are ready to become a professional.  You will be responsible for building your own future.  The only restrictions to your success will be the ones you impose upon yourself.

Put your credit card away and let’s join for free – RIGHT NOW!  Just CLICK HERE!



Reason #5:  My brother says that everything on the Internet is a scam.

My Response:  Sadly what your brother says is true to a large extent.  Many programs we see these days are very questionable which is one of the reasons I started this blog.  I want to bring these marginal programs to your attention by writing a thorough review of them, Then you will at least see another side of it and be able to judge it better. 

 But the biggest reason I’m telling you about Wealthy Affiliate is because it is 100% honest in its approach and its delivery.  The owners enjoy a pristine reputation and run the company with complete transparency.  And how can I be so sure?  Well, mainly I can point to one very important company policy that makes my argument.

Wealthy Affiliate is FREE to join.  Now free doesn’t mean  just putting in your name and email address but not being  allowed to see anything until you upgrade. Free means you get to build two finished websites along with  lessons, access to our instructors, videos, open discussions with all of the rest of our community, and you will never feel any pressure from anyone to upgrade to our “premium” status.  You can remain a free member for as long as you want.  WA is so sure you will see the advantages of upgrading by yourself that you are allowed access to everything I’ve mentioned without so much as spending one thin dime of your own money.  Isn’t that the way it should be?  Isn’t it a shame that every program can’t live up to those standards?  Isn’t it proof that WA is legitimate?  Of course it is.  When you start to see your website producing an income it’s a proud moment.  And that’s the proof  – Like the old saying goes,  “the proof is in the pudding.”  And WA is betting you’ll love the taste.  

There is another important feature to Wealthy Affiliate  and that is you’re not asked to “sell” anything.  After you complete your website and it begins to build traffic, you’ll spend much of your time learning how to “brand” yourself building trust between you and your visitors.  This trust will produce more traffic and it won’t be long before other companies are paying you to advertise their products on your website.  Of course you make money when they do.  You will also place ads yourself, from Amazon for example, and each time a purchase is made from your website, you get paid again.  It’s called “passive” selling meaning you’re not actually doing the selling, Amazon is using their strong brand name and you’re getting paid.  

You’ll be free to concentrate on helping your customers by answering their questions with good, solid content.  Very soon you’ll be the “go-to” guy in your niche.  You’ll be the expert. Remember your visitors are basically looking for honest ways to make money from home.  Introducing them to WA is probably the best way you can help them.  Needless to say you can make an extremely lucrative income from that.

Keep in mind there are over 4 billion people searching the Internet each and every day.  Just one article you write can be viewed by hundreds or even thousands of customers leading to sales.  Imagine, then, if you write hundreds of articles.  Are you starting to see the income potential here?




                              WHAT WILL WEALTHY AFFILIATE REALLY TEACH ME?

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you about how to create a website and turn that website into a money making long term business.  You’ll be taught how to pick your niche, how to rank on the search engines using Jaaxy.  In case you’re not familiar with WA’s free keyword research tool called Jaaxy, just CLICK HERE.


Everything else you need to know about attracting visitors and monetizing your site will be taught to you by the finest instructors available.  The more helpful your posts are the higher you’ll rank on the the search engines and the more visitors you’ll attract, which, of course, equals more money.  Once you have a profitable site you’ll make money over and over, day after day and year after year.  That’s why it’s so important to have your own website and I’ll see to it that you get yours for free.  Two of them!  Yes you can do this!  It just takes dedication, hard work, and desire.  You have to have faith in yourself and you can never give up.  If you still have doubt about whether you can succeed, just read my post entitled “The Big Question” by simply CLICKING HERE,

Here are some of the benefits to joining Wealthy Affiliate for free.  First of all you can put away your credit card, you won’t need it.  When we say “free” we mean “free.”


1) Stay free as long as you want to.

2) Try out our “Premium” features for the first 7 days!  You will have access to every advantage every premium member enjoys.

3) You will get two free websites and the experts at WA will help you build them, step-by-step.

4) You will have access to our “Easy Website Builder”

5) You will enjoy our highly secured web hosting.

6) You will have two classrooms to learn from.

7) You will have access to the first ten lessons of our online entrepreneurial certification and affiliate bootcamp courses.

8) You will have access to Jaaxy, our keyword research tool for 30 free searches.



Everything I mentioned above is free.  You’ll soon see just how easy, exciting and fun this opportunity is.  Incidentally, if you want to compare the benefits and costs of the free version vs. the “premium” membership, simply CLICK HERE


Wealthy Affiliate - The Way To Go




All The Best,




John Kalin


  1. Thanks for your great article. You’ve explained some funny reasons why people hold off from starting their own blog. Most of them are silly as you explain how easily you can do it free. Right its time to get started on my blog now! Thank you for opening my eyes!

  2. Hi John, thank you for sharing a great article. I really enjoyed reading it!

    I always remember what my mentor Jim Rohn used to teach… “Wages will make you a living, Profits will make you a fortune”.

    Wealthy Affiliate really makes it possible for ANYONE, who is prepared to put in the effort, to succeed!

    Wealthy Affiliate gives people the 3 things that are needed for online success, Education, Websites and Expert Help. The best part to be able to start out with FREE Starter Membership and have access to everything really makes this a “No Brainer” for anyone looking to improve their life.

    • Moni, thank you for those words of wisdom and I couldn’t agree more. Wealthy Affiliate gives everyone the chance to do something really special with their lives.

  3. this is a timely post ready for all those people with their new year resolutions who will be making these exact excuses as to why they won’t  be able to carry out their new resolutions! 

    If you want to do something then you need to take action and plan to just do it 

    Great post ! 

    • Thanks for your kind comments, Darren.  Such great advice, – if you want to do something, TAKE ACTION!

      This is such a great time to start your blogging career with Wealthy Affiliate.  Don’t wait any longer.

  4. I really think that this article is very interesting and motivating. I know so many people who wants to earn online income and they are worried how it would affect they regular job. I think that the reason you mentioned are very true and anyone who want to try earning online should try affiliate marketing.

    • You are correct, Daniel, in that many people try hard to earn “extra” income from the Internet, never realizing that Wealthy Affiliate not only provides “extra” income but can lead the way to a life changing career.  Thanks for your kind comments.

  5. In my case, I didn’t actually wait. I just didn’t know that a blog can function more than just a journal. My friend has a blog on Blogspot and all she ever does was to write about her daily life stories. And for a long time, I thought that was what a blog was for until I realized you could actually make money with it. If I’ve known earlier, I would have started one since college days, so that I can pick the ropes early and actually launch a full fledged online business by now. 

    • What a great observation, Cathy.  So many people have misconceptions about blogging.  They don’t realize that Wealthy Affiliate is just like getting a college degree.  One of the first things you learn is exactly how you can turn your website into a money maker and turn a “hobby” into a full time career.  And blogging is an exciting career at any age.  It’s never too late to start!

  6. Hello John,

    I enjoyed reading your take on why people should create a blog as well as the excuses they come up with. I admit I had a good laugh about the fries opportunity because we’ve all been there. I started my first job working at Wendy’s and still have the burn scar on my arm to prove it. Working there really wasn’t much different than working in a corporate office. Sure the pay is much better, but I’m still a servant to the 9 to 5 clients that demand us to bend over backwards to meet their bottom line.

    I chose to pursue WA to create my own bottom line. I was fed up and decided that the next job I take will be my last. I’m pretty close to achieving that goal. But the reasons you talk about are definitely plaguing other people from getting started. Some people are just afraid of change and want to hold on to their false sense of security in a 9 to 5 job. 

    The problem is that when the economy tanks (which everyone is predicting), that job will become in danger quickly. And it all can happen overnight, according to Gary Vaynerchuk and many others. 

    It is important to show people all of the benefits and opportunities that they can create for themselves. That having multiple streams of income for their family in case of emergency is not only their duty, but their OBLIGATION. 

    Keep working hard to promote and share your affiliate story to others. Storytelling can be very powerful when used correctly. Thanks for the great read!

    • Daniel, your words are powerful and true and I thank you for sharing them.  People, as a rule, have a comfort zone and are hesitant to leave it.  The beautiful thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that it allows people to stay in their zone while at the same time build a second income until it replaces their first.  Our success rate here at WA is the best in the business; we must encourage people to believe in themselves and not be satisfied until they reach their full potential.  Thanks again, Daniel.

  7. Never have I ever heard reason #2, and if you do hear that have them invest in more advertising at the end of the year to avoid paying the “big tax bill” it’s a write off for your business.

    Overall great article very engaging in your wording Kinda funny at times. You bring some valid points to “my brother says everything is a scam in the internet” Good points on what WA brings to the table.

    • Jason, thanks so much for your observations.  I agree with you, Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick-scheme and it has to be treated like a business.  That’s one of the things I admire so much about Wealthy Affiliate.  They teach you using so many different methods and you are free to study at your own pace.  There is no other training on the Internet that comes anywhere close to WA.

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