When I first started my Internet Marketing career I spent much of my time searching for “Mr. Program.”  That one opportunity where I’d be able to make my fortune and retire to that island I kept seeing on the Internet.  You know the one with the hammock and the message “Internet Millionaire Reveals The Secret That Made Him Rich Overnight”




I ended up buying quite a few of those hammocks before I graduated from “newbie-ville” and realized that “all that glitters is not gold.”

So where does….”A penny here..” fit in?  Well, in keeping with the theme of my website, “All About Blogging” I’ll show you some programs that are at the very least  –  honest.

I’ll post them under a “A penny here..”  and even though they won’t provide you with the financial goals you are looking for,  Wealthy Affiliate and your new blogging career will.  And, you can rest assured that If I list them here they will be personally known and tested by me.

Keep in mind they are not designed to be your ultimate financial answer.  To achieve that goal you’ll need to follow my advice and join my #1 recommended program, Wealthy Affiliate.  If you haven’t already read my full review of WA,  please take the time to read it now.  It covers most of what WA is all about and whatever it doesn’t can be found from my other posts on this website.  Click here to read the full review of WA

And, if you’re ready to join right now as a free member (remember, no credit card is needed – we said free) simply click on the banner below.



Wealthy Affiliate Is Teaching new Bloggers - every day!



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