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Hi and welcome to my website.  


I will be introducing you to “BLOGGING” – one of the most lucrative businesses on the Internet.  It is also one of the most misunderstood.  My mission will be to present it to you in a different light, one that you probably have never considered, one that will totally surprise you. 

I am asking for your tolerance in advance because I know for certain I will not be able to stay as dispassionate as you will want me to be.  I am totally and without reservation a cheerleader of the first magnitude for Wealthy Affiliate, a revolutionary blogging school dedicated to your success. This does not mean I can’t be honest.  Ask Jerry Jones what he thinks about his Cowboys and I’m sure you’ll hear the pride in his voice – but you’ll  also hear the truth.

So in all fairness to you I will restate my mission.  It is to present blogging and Wealthy Affiliate  to you the way I see it;  an opportunity that is unlike any other.  I want you to know Wealthy Affiliate the way I do, a company totally dedicated to inspiring, motivating and teaching you how to succeed in blogging.   Forget everything you thought you knew about blogging and be prepared for a pleasant surprise.  The business of blogging is nothing like you thought it was. You don’t have to be a tech genius or a Steven King to succeed.  Wealthy Affiliate opens up every little secret there is, one by one, and doesn’t stop until you’re successful.  YOU CAN DO THIS!

What I will present to you in this blog is every bit of information you will need to make an informed and intelligent decision as to whether this could be the right choice for you.  I will not leave out the cons.  Every business has them. I’m asking you to take your time and read this blog in it’s entirety.  In it you’ll discover a business you never knew existed.   You probably had hardened opinions, misconceptions and a totally biased perspective;  dismissing out of hand and rejecting any idea that you could become attracted, interested and even passionate about blogging.

If I can get you to see Wealthy Affiliate thru my eyes, I will have done my job.  If I can just accomplish that one little task,  then I have every confidence you’ll follow thru and become a fellow blogger and graduate of Wealthy Affiliate.  






p.s. – I have another passion and would love to hear from anyone who shares it with me.

I am a former rock-n-roller from the 60’s,  I know, I’m dating myself.  At any rate,

I played sax for my older brothers, who were twins, calling themselves, The Kalin Twins.


They had one big hit in 1959 and several other near hits.  We travelled all over the world

and had such a great time. We also spent a great deal of time in the US,  performing in

so many different towns and cities.   


Maybe some of you in this audience remember us and will email me

with your memories. 


By the way, the title of their biggest hit was “WHEN”  – Here is a video

with them singing it.

















John Kalin

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