I will review ABUNDANCE NETWORK although you probably know my take on it already from the warning sign above.

When I first started to do my homework I was unable to find any negative reviews about this program. I found this to be a red flag. So I dug deeper.

I noticed all the reviews seemed to be identical. It looked to me as if the “reviewers” had all gotten their information from the same source. Could this “sameness” be just “coincidental?” Another thing I noticed was that most of the “reviewers” including the Youtubers, were all members of Abundance Network – Wow – red flag anyone? Just so you know, I do not “promote” this program nor am I a member.

Next I noticed how favorably they were about the owner and creator of the business, Jeff Long. I didn’t know anything about Jeff Long so I started to dig into his past. When I review a program I like to know as much as possible about the owner. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

I discovered a very dubious past and some programs started by Mr. Long that had either been shut down or simply went out of business due to lack of interest. “1OnlineBusiness” was one I found. “AutoXten,” was referred to as a recruitment scheme and “GetPaidSocial” was referred to by some as a facebook scam pyramid scheme. Another red flag.

Now, to be fair to Jeff Long, I am only reporting what I was able to find on the Internet, available to anyone willing to do their homework. It certainly doesn’t mean his new program, Abundance Network, isn’t entirely aboveboard and shouldn’t be considered with an open mind.

It does mean, however, that I have every right to take his past endeavors into account.


This program probably falls into the Mobile Marketing niche since it offers SMS (short message service) and Voicemail “press1” It is particularly attractive to marketers who are looking for a program that does most of the work for you – automatically. It also offers 2 levels of commissions and is essentially “set-up” once and the rest is on auto-pilot. You let the automated system answer the phone and close the sales for you.


Although they have included some training and methods of promoting this opportunity the only real product being offered is the Automated Phone Closing System itself.


The promise I see on most of the websites advertises the following:

Earn $100 to $500 a day sharing a phone number – Call the 1 min. message XXX-XXX-XXXX

Get Paid Daily via Cashapp, Venmo, Bitcoin & Paypal by following the 5 steps you see on the video below:

Step #1 – You call the 1 min. message number on the website.

Step #2 – Press #1 when directed to listen to our 5 minute overview information.

Step #3 – Check the text message we send you and follow exact directions (only after listening to the 5 min. overview)

Step #4 – Log into your new set up account we email to you after responding to our text message as prompted.

Step #5 – Follow exact set-up steps in your members back office to get your personal phone number and start sharing it with other people today.

The phone system also mentions your Primary Business (or any business you want to promote) which will bring in additional leads for you.

They also recognize that many new affiliates may be new to recruiting therefore they have an optional program where you can pass up your first 3 sales to the company and they will make sales for you after that.


Step #1 – You start out by joining twillio and connecting your account to the Abundance Network. This integration process is provided by Abundance Network and is included in your membership. Twillio will cost you a one time charge of $20 and a monthly small fee based upon usage.

Step #2 – Abundance Network will provide you with your own telephone number and a number of pre-written ads to start promoting your new business right away. They also show you other methods of promotion.

Step #3 – When a person calls your number they get Jeff’s message and will “Press #1” – The system then sends a text message telling them how to get started.

Step #4 – The text message tells them to leave their email address and the system then enrolls them. They will log into the back office either thru their phone or laptop and choose the option to pay the person who enrolled them. It should also be noted that the SMS system follows up your contacts.

Step #5 – Now you connect your Twillio account following the set-up guide.

Step #6 – Once a person joins under you, you now get $100 for every $150 sale.


Abundance Network uses a 2-up system which means two of your first sales will go up to your up line. For example, when you get your first sign up you get paid. When you get your 2nd sign up it gets passed up to your up line. The 3rd sale is yours and the 4th goes up to your up line. – From your 5th sale onward you keep each commission. There is also another level of payment for anyone you directly recruit who goes on to get their own sign up. – He keeps his first and third sale, sends you his 2nd and 4th, and keeps the rest from then on.


I started out this review by telling you to be aware and that’s how I will end it. I would not join a program like this for two good reasons. The first is because of the owner’s checkered past and the second is because there are no products involved and very little emphasis on obtaining retail customers. That sends a red flag to the FTC.

Abundance Network has no retailable products or services that I could find, leaving affiliates only able to market the membership itself. The program is totally dependent upon affiliates being able to recruit. An affiliate is selling the right to sell the program – not a product – and to me that’s not a good, reliable, long range path to success.

Retail customers play no role here which strongly suggests an illegal pyramid scheme to the FTC. I am NOT saying this program is or isn’t a scheme, only that I feel it could be shut down because of the lack of retail customers.  I also don’t like the prospect of selling a program where there is no product involved.  These types of programs usually don’t live long.

All in all the simplicity of the program makes it attractive to affiliates who love the idea of “something for nothing.” But there are no “free lunches”

Most of the successful internet marketers will tell you they got there through hard work, perseverance and solid training from a reliable successful company. They didn’t earn $100 to $500 a day sharing a phone number.


Most people have an entirely incorrect impression of internet marketing and blogging in particular. After they learn what it’s really all about they simply can’t believe it. For example, you don’t have to be a “writer” – you don’t have to be knowledgeable about any one particular subject – what you actually end up blogging about may be something you’ve always been fascinated with but know nothing about. You will be taught about how to choose your subject.

I went to school to learn blogging. I admit I studied hard but it was rewarding and interesting. I never knew how much money you could actually make writing a blog. I never even knew the many ways a blog could make money. I didn’t know how to set up a website nor how to go about structuring it. But I learned.

What I discovered was a company that was willing to let me start for free. They actually set up my first websites. And then they taught me everything from A to Z. For FREE. – They have the best training I have ever seen. The instructors are there 24/7 to answer any questions. They have a system set up where a “community” of fellow students, all at different levels, go out of their way to help you succeed. They never put any pressure on you to “upgrade” although almost every one does after it’s proven to them that they can achieve success like they’ve only dreamed about.

I would love to show you this company. There’s so much more to tell you about it. This was a decision I made that has turned my financial life around. I know you could do the same. All you need are a few minutes each day for your lessons, both video and written and “live” lectures. You can ask questions about what you need help with 24/7. There is no time limit for completion. Take as long as you want. Ask as many questions as you need and review the lessons as many times as you want. All you need to bring to the table is a strong desire to succeed and the willingness to work.

Does it sound interesting? I have lots more information and I’d love to personally help you. This is a career change that you can do in your spare time and definitely is the answer to your long range plans. For more information just click here.

If you’ve heard enough and would like to join right now – for FREE – click here.

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