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Here is a program that everyone can do.  I almost want to say….everyone “should’ do.  Why?  First of all you earn cash back on every purchase you make.  Secondly you can pick up your merchandise from the store the same day.  Thirdly,  just about EVERY major store has partnered with BEESAVY making this one of the LARGEST online cashback sites.  And lastly, by sharing this program with others you stand to make pretty good money – over time.  There seems to be little doubt that this will become one of the most popular online shopping sites. You could say that this is a free work income opportunity.


The website is friendly – easy to navigate – and just by showing it, you not only will be doing someone a huge favor should they join,  you will also make commission from their purchases.  And if they get people to join them, you will get commission from them.  This process continues down through seven levels.  Watch the following video to get the basics:





You will pay less when you shop online through BeeSavy with comparison shopping, cash back discounts, and coupons.  BeeSavy is the first website to combine these money-saving tools with referral cashback to make sure that you pay the LOWEST price and save the MOST money when you shop online.



When you refer others to BeeSavy, you get paid 10% cashback commission every time they shop – forever!  You also get cashback commission on EVERY ONE they refer up to 7 levels deep.




How Do I Start?

First, sign up for a BeeSavy account.  It’s completely free with NO hidden costs.  All you need is an email address to get started.  After you have created an account, you can click the “Shop By Store” button at the top of the page or “SEARCH FOR A PRODUCT” by typing the name of the product into the search bar at the top of the page.

BeeSavy will show you all stores that sell that product as well as the list price, sales tax, shipping cost, cashback discount, and coupon savings at each store.  Coupon savings will be applied to the price during the store’s checkout process.  After making your purchase that store will notify BeeSavy of the purchase and your cashback will be posted to your BeeSavy account within 1-4 days.  If you’ve heard enough, just click here to signup!

In order to receive cash back you must first Sign Up for a BeeSavy account.  It is a very quick and simple process and you only need to provide an email address and password to get started.  If you are not a BeeSavy member, you can still use BeeSavy to compare prices, find coupons, and browse products, but you will not earn cash back. 



NO! There really is no catch.  You will never be charged any hidden fees.  You will NEVER be asked for your credit card information.  Your information will NEVER be sold.  BeeSavy is 110% free..really, it is!  Your paid cashback and referral cashback is funded through the retail partners and advertisers.





Is this one of the most popular online shopping sites today?   –  Yes!

Is it also one of the best free work income opportunities?        –  Yes!

Do you get cashback from shopping?                                             –  Yes!

Do you also make money when your friends or referrals make purchases?   –  Yes!

And when those friends or referrals make purchases?   –  Yes!

And when those friends or referrals make purchases?  –   Yes!

And when those….    Yes! – Yes! – Yes!

Down thru 7 levels deep making BeeSavy one of the absolute best cashback sites.



What I look for in an internet marketing opportunity there are three areas which I consider most important.

  1. It must be simple to understand and easy to explain to potentials referrers.
  2. It must be “free” or low cost.
  3. It must offer “obtainable” and “worthwhile” profit.

BeeSavy scores 100% on all counts.  CLICK HERE TO JOIN

Please be kind enough to enter my referral code U14554 in the “Enter Referral Code” box whichever page you join on.






I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and you have enough information to join.  If you’re ready all you have to do is:                                     Click Here

Please don’t forget to enter my referral code U14554 in the box that says “Enter Referral Code”


Thanks and all the best,

John Kalin



John Kalin

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