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CBProAds is a tool.  It’s designed to integrate with your website and support and display Clickbank products.  You must be a member of Clickbank to use CBProAds.

The advantage of CBProAds is in the many different formats you can use to display your ads. For example the  Clickbank Ad Rotator allows you to use all different kinds of ad formats like Contextual Ads, Widget Ads, Carousel Image Ads, Slide Ads, Sliding Box Ads, Banner Ads, Block Image Ads, Link Unit Ads, List Image Ads, Scroll Ads, etc.



CBProAds claims the following advantages:

They are trusted by over 48,000 members since 2006

They provide the highest number of tools to their members

They have Free and Premium Membership Options

They display only Redefined title and descriptions of Clickbank Products

They remove JUNK/DOMAIN expired Clickbank products

They display Cover Images/Banners for each Clickbank product

They Update Clickbank Marketplace automatically for you DAILY


You also get your own customizable and searchable Affiliate Storefront.  Over 13,000 products are embedded with your own Clickbank ID.  You earn commissions as high as 75% It is preconfigured and ready to promote!  You are in business immediately.

You can also promote a certain category of products to a Targeted Audience.  More than 15 niche storefronts to choose from.

There’s also a WP Plugin for CBStorefronts and another for Niche Storefronts.  Both are SEO friendly.



The above chart compares the Free Membership with the Pro Lifetime Member. The standard cost of the Pro Membershi is $59.95.  Grabbing it thru me you can get it for $34.95.  The Pro Membership will provide access to all of the products for lifetime – there are no monthly or recurring charges associated with the Pro Lifetime plan.

The biggest difference between being a Free member and a PRO MEMBER is that a free member only gets his ads embedded with his unique Clickbank ID on 50% of them whereas a Pro member gets 100% of his ads embedded.  There are several other benefits among which is your automatic enrollment to CBProAds powerful affiliate program.



CBProAds is a great tool.  Of that there can be little doubt. If you’ve made up your mind to use it and are ready right now, simply click the below:


                TO JOIN NOW – CLICK HERE


My advice would be to take the “upgrade” right away.  It’s a one time payment.  I look at it this way.  As a free member your Clickbank ID is embedded  only 50% of the time while a Pro upgrade insures your ads are embedded 100% of the time.

The additional income your Pro Membership will provide will more than cover the cost of the one-time upgrade plus the enrollment in the affiliate program is big.



Yes, CBProAds is a pretty good tool. The more traffic you bring into your website, the more money you will make.

But let’s not forget that CBProAds is still – only a tool.  In order to achieve the maximum results from it, you must first know how to set up a website, how to get the proper training to grow your website along with training on how to drive traffic to your site.  For, after all, how much money you make from CBProAds is directly related to the amount of traffic you can drive to your site.


I get asked that question time after time.  How do I begin the process of starting my own website?  And how do I learn everything associated with it?  And especially, how do I drive traffic to my website?  The only way I can answer those questions is to tell you how I learned.  I basically joined the online equivalent to a university about a year ago.  It’s called Wealthy Affiliate and I’m going to turn the microphone over now to one of the owners who is going to give you a video “walkthrough” and show you exactly what to expect as a student.

The “post” I’m sending you to sets the stage for Kyle’s video so please read the entire post; but, if you would rather not, simply scroll down to the middle of the post where you will see the video.  Just click on it and give it a few seconds to load.

 Please click here


To sum things up, CBProAds is a brilliant tool and together with a Wealthy Affiliate education, you’ll be far ahead on building a lifetime business.


Please leave your comments below.  I’d be so happy to hear from you.


All the best,


John Kalin








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