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In this post, I’m going to show you how to create your own website – free, in under 30 seconds. And it won’t be set up using an ordinary platform either.  We will do it using WordPress, the acknowledged leader in website platforms.  What’s the difference?  Well, there are some important considerations when picking a platform to start your business.  For example, what is the speed and load time of your website?  If it takes too long to load you may lose some prospects.  Losing prospects means losing money.

Next, we have to consider the overall ambiance of the site.  Does it feel friendly?  Is it easy to look at?  How about the navigation?  Is there any problem going from one post to another?  Do you want to stay on the site or do you just want to click away immediately and search somewhere else?  Are there good reasons to stay on the site?  Are there plenty of pictures – lots of color – catchy headlines – videos?  Is there relevant information?  Did your search show answers to the questions being asked?  Is there a way to leave a comment or ask a question?

All these things are extremely important and often spell the difference between success and failure.  If you can accomplish all these points you will have the formula for a very successful and profitable website.  Wealthy Affiliate teaches you these things and more.  Later on we will discuss how the classes are taught and we’ll take a trip around the inside of your new workshop.  For now, however, let’s address building a website.

Can you do it?  Wealthy Affiliate says: “Yes You Can” and to prove it we’re going to show you exactly how easy it is to build your own personal working website for free.  It will be totally functional, ready to use, and completely installed.  You’ll not only have your own URL, (your website’s address) you’ll also be taught how to make it grow as you complete each lesson and start to populate it with relevant information, posts, pictures, videos, and a host of other things all designed toward building you a profitable lifetime business in Internet Marketing.  Wealthy Affiliate will be there, at your side, teaching, coaching, encouraging, and informing you every step of the way.

There are a couple of things you need to do before you actually build your website.  The information I’m about to ask you for now, will be used after you join WA as a “free” member.  In the video you’re about to see, Kyle will put in his own information just to show you exactly where it goes and how to do it.

I’d like you to write down the following two things which you’ll need to enter into your website information section.  First of all, you’ll need to decide on a “domain” name.  A domain name is simply an address (called a URL) where internet users can access your website – much like a telephone number.  Once you decide on a domain name, it cannot be changed so you want to give it some thought.  Come up with something that suggests what your website will be about.

For example, if you will be writing about Oldies But Goodies music, you might want to use “oldtimemusic” as your domain name.  If it’s available your domain name would be: https://oldtimemusic.siterubix.com  For a domain name to be accepted it can’t have any spaces in it and it must be at least 2 characters long.  It may only contain alpha-numeric (A-Z and 0-9) and dash (-) characters.  It can’t contain any special characters or spaces.  If your domain is either already in use or is formatted incorrectly, you will get a message saying, “Darn, It’s Taken”.  If it’s ok, the message will say “Awesome, It’s  Available”.

The next piece of information you need is a “title” for your website.  Unlike the domain name you can change this whenever you want.  So in keeping with the domain name above, the title for your website could be: “Remembering Rock-N-Roll”.

Rock-n-Roll With Wealthy Affiliate


So, just for clarification, your domain name does not necessarily have to be tied into your title.  For example, my domain name is johnkalin.com  The title for my website is “allaboutblogging,”  so if you wanted to visit my website you would have to type in https:// johnkalin.com in the address bar of your browser.  After you clicked enter, my website entitled “All About Blogging” would appear.

The last item you will need to choose will be your WordPress theme.  A free member can pick from 12 different themes which can be changed anytime so you needn’t spend too much time here.  To recap, here are the 3 things you will need when you get ready to build your website as a free member.

  1. A Domain Name

  2. The Title For Your Website

  3.  Choose Your WordPress theme

You will be able to pick the last item, the WordPress Theme after you complete the first two items.  Have the first two items ready and your personal website will be up and running in less than 30 seconds.  You don’t need HTML code or any other special knowledge.  Kyle goes over all this again in great detail before you actually do it.  –  I’m just trying to show you how “easy” we’ve made it to build your own website.  You will put in your information after you sign up to WA as a free member.  As a matter of fact,  free members actually get to build two (2) free websites.  Plus you’ll get complete support from our experts and our ever-growing community of fellow bloggers.

Ok, are you ready?  Let’s begin.  Simply click on the video and wait for it to load.  Then click on the next video.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        HO TO BUILD A WORDPRESS WEBSITE IN UNDER 30 SECONDS - LITERALLY!

Did you see how easy and fast that was?  It took only about 30 seconds and when the congratulatory message appeared on the screen, you saw the actual address of the website just below the message.  After you join WA and build your first website, you’ll be able to plug your URL into your browsers address bar and see your very own website.

Congratulations!  Now all you have to do is follow your lessons and let Wealthy Affiliate teach you how to fill out the site and turn it into a full-time money making lifetime business.

Are you ready to join? – Remember, no credit card needed. – No obligation.  Just click on the banner below.




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I would love to have you come back and post your website right here under the “comments” section.  Not only would this be free traffic for you, but it would also mean a lot to me.  And, if you can, I’d love to have you share this page with any friends or family members that you think would also love their own website.

I hope we have a deal and, of course, if I wasn’t clear about anything in this walk-through, I am here to help so please just post your comments below.



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