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Name:               GorillaMarketingPro

Website:           GorillaMarketingPro.com

Price:                 Free For Life

Upgrades:        Two Available

Owners:            Tim Sebert and Randy Thomas

Overall Rank:  96 Out Of 100



Gorilla Marketing Pro gives you a free landing page builder plus a wide assortment of tools all designed to build your business and brand you.

As an example, before I continue this review I thought it might be easier to “show” you a sample of what they offer rather than try to describe it.  The landing page you are about to look at was done by me in under two minutes.  No special skills are needed.

To take a look at the splashpage and also join GMP, simply CLICK HERE!    

The tool is childishly simply to use but extremely effective and flexible.  You can even add a “YouTube” video.  Of course the page will always direct your reader to where you want them to go.

I am a “platinum plus” member and use GMP to promote my blogging website.  It has paid me back many times over and I wholeheartedly endorse it.  Remember, it’s free.  Here’s another sample of a non-background “splash page” I frequently use from GMP  to direct my readers to my Wealthy Affiliate website.  These landing pages take only minutes to set up and the great thing about them is that they can be changed  in minutes to reflect any emergency altering or additions you may have to make. To see this webpage, just CLICK HERE.



The owners, Tim and Randy, prove the point that not everyone is out to “scam” people.  Just for the record they are both Network and Internet Marketing 7 figure income earners. They bring you GorillaMarketingPro “free” for a lifetime. They also provide you the opportunity to build your business and brand you – for free.  Here are just some of the many advantages to joining:


  1.   In addition to the landing page builder, you can use GMP to build an “unlimited” list.

  2.   You get Free Traffic Sources.

  3.   Unlike other systems, you are allowed to “Brand You!”  Customers you add to your list will see your business but more importantly, they will see you!

  4.   The pre-made landing pages are high converting and easy to use.  If you’re like me you will simply love to let your creativity run wild. The pages are all professionally designed to convert as many of your visitors as possible.  No more trying to figure out what to say or how to build your own pages.  Send unlimited visitors to it and then sit back and watch your list grow.  As it does, use the “unlimited” built-in “Email Blaster” to contact them.  This allows you to keep in constant communication which, in turn, brands you.

  5.   State-Of-The-Art Click/Visitor Tracking.

  6.   Promote as many businesses as you want.

  7.   Pre-written swipes.

  8.   Pre-made graphic banners.

  9.   Over 130 and growing free traffic platforms.

  10.   Over 40 Hours of Video Training.

  11.   Bulk Mailing System.

  12.   You get a bonus of unlimited usage of a 3 day vacation or cruise package to use for yourself in addition to giving it away as a bonus to your prospects. Unlimited Usage!

  13.   Help Desk.

  14.   Help Videos.

  15.   And the list goes on and on and…….

                                                                                            Use GMP for Wealthy Affiliate


GMP will save you hundreds of dollars each month.  You can finally stop throwing money out the window on systems that can’t begin to come close to what the gorilla offers you – for FREE!.  So you can cancel those other costly auto responders.  You can get rid of those cheap traffic rotators and trackers.  Never use an expensive marketing system again.

Join GMP absolutely free for life! It’s a perfect match for your blogging career.  There is an upgrade available which will give you a wider range of background pictures and a few other features but join for free first.  If you like everything and can see how it could help you, think about upgrading.  I am an upgraded member because as a blogger I find it beneficial and well worth the price.  Visit the website, try it out as a free member and decide later whether or not you need to upgrade.







Highest Regards,


Please do me a favor and leave your comments below.  If you have additional questions about GorillaMarketingPro or blogging in general please let me know.





John Kalin

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