George “I cannot tell a lie” Washington and “Honest” Abe Lincoln answer the question, “How quick can I make money from blogging?”

Two of America’s most trustworthy, distinguished, and influential past Presidents recently completed a careful and detailed study of Wealthy Affiliate.  Their task was to answer the frequently posed question of how soon a student could expect to start making money after enrolling in the Wealthy Affiliate University.  The results of their findings are presented below.




George and I are so pleased you’re planning on bettering yourself.  We hope we are able to influence you in some small way since our findings show this WEALTHY AFFILIATE opportunity to be too good to be passed up.

George and Abe tell you how quick can I make money from blogging

Of course, we understand your concern regarding how quickly you can make money but upon reviewing the whole program, the long term benefits far outweigh the amount of time it will take for you to build your business.

This “Internet” phenomenon was not available to us in our day.  To be really successful you had to invest a major portion of your time.  Life wasn’t easy back then;  you worked long and hard to achieve a modicum of success.

When George and I really understood the power of the Internet with over 4 billion people visiting it every day, we immediately saw the genius of Wealthy Affiliate.  With that kind of “pool” in which to draw from, your chances of success were almost guaranteed.

Basically, Wealthy Affiliate offered to train each person, even if they didn’t know the first thing about blogging (like George & I), using all the very latest technology along with professional instructors and a classroom of thousands of students all taking a personal hand in making sure you understood everything before moving on to the next lesson. 





Before we discuss some reasons why you should consider WA and the future it promises you, let’s address your main concern, can you make money and how fast.

In all candor, our answer is no. – If that’s your desire we regret to inform you that Wealthy Affiliate and blogging is not something that will enable you to quit your job immediately.

By our best calculations the average time it will take for you to complete your WA education, build your website to the extent that it is making money, and understand the business world you’re in, will take you approximately 3 to 6 months.  Sometimes shorter, sometimes longer.

Factors such as how much time you’re able to devote to it, your personal work ethic, etc., all play a role in how long it will take before you see a return on your investment.

 Make no mistake, George and I are in total agreement that WA is not something you can do overnight.  Only you know what kind of person you are and how bad you want to be successful.  Our best answer, therefore, is this: If you’re willing to make a commitment, work hard, keep a positive attitude, have patience, give back to others, and exercise persistence, you will succeed.  


George and I became Presidents not by wishing for it.  It took years and years of hard work, setbacks, planning, and keeping our vision in front of us at all times.  Speaking for myself, I never worried about money or how quickly I would achieve financial success.  We were happy knowing we were on the right path; driven you might say.

You have an opportunity in front of you today that can change your life for the better.  When we took a look at all the success stories that average people were having, we realized the full potential of Wealthy Affiliate. 

But you must first get your head around this: you must prepare yourself for success.  Don’t expect immediate results.  If you need money right now;  if that’s what you need, then we suggest taking a regular job and also signing up for WA right now – for free – and start your education.  

As in all things that are worth doing, there is a learning curve when you first start.  You will receive training from the pros at WA which will include building a beautiful website and teaching you how to attract free traffic to it.  

Just think, 4 billion potential customers a day.  What an incredible opportunity.  All you need is someone to show you how to build the website, exactly what to put on it and how to arrange everything to appeal to as many customers as possible.  Sounds easy, right?  Of course, there’s a little more to it than that.



                              Say Hello To Google


You have to learn the Google rules and how Google determines where to rank you.  You know that when you enter a topic in the search bar of your browser, Google brings up a list of websites that address your topic. Usually, a searcher will click on the first two, three or four listed websites.  So it becomes obvious, then, that the objective is to get ranked “high” – at least on the first page – of the Google pages.  This most important topic is taught to you in great depth at WA by the top pros in the business.


The training at Wealthy Affiliate teaches you everything you need to know about blogging and then some.  But to absorb and understand everything takes time.  It can’t happen overnight.  Will you get a good return on your investment?  Absolutely.  You can literally build your business as large as you want.  Once you learn about blogging you’ll be amazed at how many different ways you can make money; from teaching other bloggers, to posting Amazon on your website and making money when a purchase occurs, to using Adsense which pays you just for people clicking on an ad. – Quite frankly, we have never seen such an opportunity!

So you see the importance of Google and how they work with you by constantly checking your website for “good content” and correct keywords.  To learn more about “keywords” CLICK HERE.

But they take their time.  They want to make sure you provide them with good content (this means content which is relevant to your website’s topic).  Sometimes it takes 3 to 4 months before they rank you.  So you can understand why WA is not looking for people who are unwilling to make an investment in themselves.  They are looking for men and woman who understand that what they are undertaking is a serious career move.



 George and I want you to understand what going Premium with Wealthy Affiliate means.  Even though you can join for free and stay a free member as long as you want, we feel that before you join you should understand exactly what’s included.

WA is a school, a university if you will.  You will be taught how to become a successful blogger and build a business that will reward you for the rest of your life.  

You’re not purchasing some piece of software or an ebook on the latest list builder.  No, instead you’ll be joining the very best school there is to learn an extremely profitable enterprise called “blogging”, covering every aspect of the business from A to Z.  It’s taught by the most professional teachers anywhere using the very latest teaching techniques.  


Wealthy Affiliate Will Show You How To Make Money

So to answer your question directly, you probably won’t be making money right away.  The first 10 to 12 months you’ll be learning and building.  Yes, you’ll pick up some profit along the way but it won’t be consistent right away.

Wealthy Affiliate wants you to know this.  We don’t want students to join without knowing there’s going to be some work involved.  A realistic timeframe would probably be anywhere 4 to 8 months. At that time you will probably be able to expect an income of 4 digits. Remember, it’s your business.  How big you grow it depends entirely upon you.  


For a quick look at the advantages of joining at the Premium level, please CLICK HERE. 




There are three payment options:


1)  Monthly $19 the first month followed by $49/month thereafter.

2)  You can pay for 6 months upfront for $234 which works out to           $39 Per Month.

3)  You can pay yearly (which is a fantastic deal) for only $359                   which works out to $29.92 Per Month.

Of course, you will save money by going for the longer option.  If you can afford it I highly recommend yearly.  You can upgrade at any time so you could take the $19 first month offer and then upgrade to 6 months or yearly.

You can pay with Paypal, Credit Cards or with WA credits and, of course, you can cancel anytime by going into your back office under Account Settings.



You know yourself better than anyone.  Search your heart. Do you really want to better yourself?  Do you want the good things in life? Do you have a hunger for success?

Can you apply yourself?  Can you keep working even when the going gets tough?  Can you stick with it?  It’s hard to be successful.  Don’t let anyone tell you differently.  At this point I would like you to read my post called    “The Big Question”       It will show you blogging from a different perspective.

I’ve looked at WA over and over.  The owners are decent, honest, men with the sole objective of helping you succeed.  Everyone wants you to succeed.  You can ask every question you can and the community of fellow bloggers along with your instructors will take as much time as necessary to make sure you understand your lesson.

I know John Kalin to be a straightforward honest person.  Once you go Premium you’re going to get FREE coaching from him.  He will be your personal coach and trainer in addition to all the other help you’ll have.



The Honorable Ben Franklin was particularly impressed with what he saw and went on record as saying that had such an opportunity existed in his day he would have heartily recommended it to everyone he knew.

He went on to mention that his son, William, might have indeed changed his ways if WA had been available.  “Why,” proclaimed Ben, “Blogging is as easy as flying a kite”

Ben actually lays claim to the fact that he was the very first blogger calling it “The Farmer’s Almanac.”



What did James Buchanan say about Wealthy Affiliate?


Our friend, James Buchanan, who steadfastly remained a bachelor throughout his Presidency (and life for that matter), proclaimed that he never saw such an amazing opportunity as WA and would have partitioned his niece, Harriet, to become the first blogger in the White House.  Known as the Democratic Queen, Harriet would have jumped at the WA offer.



And finally, let’s wrap things up with the only person who really counts in this whole discussion – YOU!

You want to know if you can do it and how much money you can make. That’s understandable.  To answer you let me directly quote a fellow blogger who when asked if they could expect to make money within the first month, said the following.  And I quote verbatim:


“As I write this, I make a 4 digit online income.  It’s a monthly consistent passive income that I’ve been making since March 2018, my highest month so far is still November/18, where I made almost 8K.

It took me a year and a half to start making 4 digits and my first year I was earning next to nothing but still covered my Yearly Membership cost.

Your first 12 months will be the hardest because you’ll be putting a lot of work into your business with very minimal results.”


So there you have it.  I talk to my fellow bloggers all the time and basically, it’s the same story.  Is it worth it to put in all that time and effort to start making 100k a year?  Only you can answer that.

Let’s repeat for the record, Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.  It is a legitimate business that gives you the opportunity to better your life.  Everything is up to you.  You don’t need any special qualifications.  Blogging isn’t about how smart you are or how well you can write.  It’s about following a blueprint that has worked for thousands of people just like you.  

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you the blogging business from A to Z.  A team of experts is always standing by 24/7 ready to help you.  There are video lessons you can watch over and over.  There are seminars, live and recorded.  There is help from the thousands of other aspiring bloggers ready and eager to see you succeed.


Do something special with your life.  Dedicate the next few months to learning and having fun along the way.  If you do just that the rewards will exceed your wildest expectations.


Are you ready?  Sign up below and I’ll see you on the inside.


All the best,


                                             SIGN UP HERE!




P.S. – Please leave a message below with any questions you have.                  I’d enjoy chatting with you.                              


John Kalin

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