How To Find Keywords For Your Website


In this post I am going to go over “how to find keywords for your website” but first let me explain a little bit about the keyword process and why they are so important to you success.

When someone enters a word into a browser’s search bar, that word is called a “keyword.” It’s Googles job to search the internet and provide an answer or information pertaining to that keyword and show that website to it’s customer.  The information has to be legitimate, content-laden, and credible.

How all that is determined is kept somewhat close to the vest by Google but the keyword is of significant importance. Your job, as a blogger, is to find a good keyword and make your content as relevant as possible,   

Think of the keyword as raising your hand in class.  The Google spiders and robots (bots) and other methods used will pass right over your website if your hand is not raised.  Your content can be king but no-one will see it if your hand isn’t raised.

The whole process is more complicated than that because Google has become more sophisticated in sizing up your website.  They recognize the “credibility” of your website and the quantity and quality of your links to come up with your “domain authority.”  The credibility of one of your pages is it’s page authority.  The more credibility you have, the more likely you are to rank high.  Who links to your site is another factor.  The more credible a websites is that links to yours, the better your site is ranked.  Another factor is the number of websites competing for that particular keyword.  The more competition you have, the harder it is to rank.

But, to return to the importance of the keyword you use, the question arises  “how do you find them?” and  “How do you know which ones are strong and which ones are weak?” 

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