By taking this small quiz you’ll be able to answer the question, “Is Blogging For Me”  You can start blogging free and learn how to blog for a living.  Many people want to know “do you earn money blogging?”

The simple answer is “YES” Can you start a blog?  Do you ever ask yourself “Can I earn money from my blog?” –  The answer again is yes but first answer the following good blog questions to determine how well suited you are for the task.


1)  Are you able to set aside at least 10 hours a week of quiet uninterrupted “study” time?     


2)  Is your reading comprehension average or better?

3)  Do you find it easy to watch a video with an instructor teaching you?  One which you can watch over and over as many times as needed?  For an example watch and listen to Kyle (one of our instructors) as he shows you how easy it is to build your very first website.  WATCH HERE! 

4)  Can you accept the idea that you might need anywhere from 3 to 6 months of study before seeing any significant income from your efforts?

5)  Are you open to the idea of accepting help, suggestions, and guidance from thousands of your fellow bloggers who go the extra mile to help you succeed?  And as your knowledge increases, you can return the favor by helping those below you.

6)  Will your husband/wife or significant other give you the support and approval you will need and for taking this action to better your position in life? 


7)  Is there anything of significance which would hold you back from signing up right now?

8)  If the answer to question 7 (above) is “yes” – would you be willing to share the reason with me privately?  Perhaps I could be of assistance.

9)  Do you have a “burning” desire to do something special with your life? 

10) And finally, have you read my entire blog to learn as much as possible before you start?

Give yourself a point for each “yes” answer and consult the scoreboard below.


If you scored 0 to 3 it may be beneficial to reread my blog again and let me help you with any unanswered questions you may have. 

If you scored 4 to 7 you are ready to sign up now in the “free” starter category.  For a comparison of Starter vs. Premium, please GO HERE.

                                                                                                          Scoring 8 to 10 means you will most likely succeed with Wealthy Affiliate.  You show all the necessary attributes and are just the type of person we want to work with.  I will personally be available 24//7 to coach you and provide all the help you need and look forward to seeing you on the inside. Don’t wait any longer.  Sign up now.  Just click on the below banner.  See you soon.


Best Wishes,





John Kalin

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