One of the major reasons people are hesitant to join affiliate programs is that after they join they usually find themselves dumped in the back office somewhere without a clue as to what to do next.  Then they are usually asked to purchase shares or upgrades or other things that were never mentioned before.  Sometimes these upgrades are into the hundreds of dollars.  It’s difficult to find out exactly how you’re supposed to make money.  It seems the real agenda is to keep you in the dark as long as possible.  It’s like a shell game.


Usually, left alone in the back office, it’s sink or swim time.  In many cases it takes days or even weeks to find your way around, only to find out the program isn’t exactly what you thought.  You find out, for example, about a “hoop” you have to “jump” through but weren’t told about or an investment in Euro dollars you’re not prepared to make.  Now your whole attitude has changed and you feel “beaten” before you even start.

This deception is all too prevalent in Internet Marketing and plays a huge role in keeping down the success rate of most marketers.  Why can’t companies just be honest and present their programs where everything is explained to them up front.  Why won’t they let you join for “free” without putting in one thin dime of your own money until you know for sure the opportunity is legitimate and you’re totally happy with it.

Well there is such a company and thousands of average, hard-working people all over the world, are discovering that in return for their determination, work-ethic, and willingness to tackle something new, they are being rewarded beyond their expectations.

In this upcoming video, one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle, shows you how a person who demonstrates the attributes mentioned above, can profit from this Internet opportunity.  Taught by some of the best instructors, you are led step-by-step through every phase of blogging.  From the very beginning where even as a free member you’re allowed complete access to the training, set up two websites, and learn all there is to know about how to turn those websites into successful businesses.

Upgraded and modernized every year,  the expert professional help you receive makes the complex easily understood.  And, as if that weren’t enough, you’ll also be entitled to unlimited help.  All your questions will be answered not only from the instructors but the community at large, 24/7.  Responses are usually offered in under three minutes.  This unusual combination of help, together with your video lessons, makes your success almost a given.  And so, let’s listen to Kyle as he takes us on a walkthrough of  Wealthy Affiliate.  Just click in the middle of the video to start it.  Be Patient.


I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed this video.  Watch it as many times as you want and if something is not absolutely clear just leave me a comment below and I will respond asap.


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All the best,


John Kalin

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