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Here are three books which I consider indispensable for learning about SEO optimization. Just click on the picture for details.  They are available for purchase from Amazon both in the Kindle edition and/or regular book form.

The first book, called “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) written by Adam Clarke, a Google Certified Professional, has been upgraded to include all the latest Google SEO changes in a manner that even newcomers to the world of optimization can easily digest and understand.

Here are just a couple of chapter titles I have picked at random:

Introduction to how Google works.

Keyword Research – the most important step of SEO.

Link Building – How To Rank Extremely High on Google.

Social Media & SEO.

What makes SEO 2019 so important is that in addition to learning everything about SEO you will also be taught Internet Marketing Strategies.



Book #2 is the 9th Best Seller on Amazon’s Books, “Computers & Technology”  It is entitled “3 Months to No. #1: The 2019 “No-Nonsense” SEO Playbook For Getting Your Website Found On Google”



Book #3 is entitled:  “SEO Fitness Workbook:  The Seven Steps To Search Engine Optimization Success On Google (2019 Updated Edition) by Jason McDonald.  In it you’ll be able to learn SEO  in               Plain English step-by-step.


The definition of SEO is no longer restricted to simply optimizing your site for the search engines.  It now includes improving the user experience and making your site clean, well structured and easy to navigate.

You benefit by having your visitors stay on your site longer and decreasing your bounce rate.  This, of course, increases your page views.

I highly recommend any or all of these books.

Please let me know of other books you consider our members should be aware of.  We’ll publish your comments and/or suggestions below.


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