After an extensive check on Jim Harmon I could find no “negatives” – That’s a good sign.  I also noticed that most people had very favorable things to say about him and his new site. Another good sign.

First let’s look at the plus side of the ledger.  Everybody needs good, fresh, top tier leads. The reason most affiliates don’t build a list is that, quite simply, they are too expensive to acquire – and take too long.

Jim Harmon has figured out a way to keep the cost reasonable by capturing them through a funnel system.  He makes sure all of the respondents are interested in making money on the internet through Internet Marketing.  This, of course, is exactly what you’re looking for.



By joining his program, Myleadgensecret, Jim sends you 100 of these “leads” each and every day.  He also provides a platform that enables you to mail them, promoting any program you want. There is also an affiliate program, in case you are program-less at the moment.  It is extremely generous paying five levels deep.

Everyone you bring in to the program goes on your first level and you receive $5 residual income each month.  The second level, comprised of affiliates your first level recruits pays you $4.  The third level pays $3,  the fourth $2 and the fifth and final level pays out $1 each month.  I think you can see that after working this program for awhile it will more than pay for itself.

More importantly he rewards you for promoting his program by doubling the amount of leads you get each day when you sign up your first new affiliate.  Now you get 200 leads every day or 6000 per month.  At that rate you’ll have your coveted “list” in no time.

These are permission based leads also.  Which means they belong to you and you’re free to mail them as often as you want.  There is no spam here.  They include first name, last name, email address, IP address, and even the date the lead was acquired.  They are overwhelmingly USA leads with a few from Britain.

And what does all this cost you? $1 a day!  There is an initial one time charge of $30 to set up your account along with your first months fee of $30 for a total of $60.  After that you will only be charged   $30 each month.

Not to put too fine a point on it but it boils down to this.  At the end of the first month you will be mailing out 3000 fresh leads.  Leads that belong to you – only! –  What it also means is that, collectively, during the month, you mailed out 46,500 emails.  And that number will increase daily.  The first day of the second month you will start out mailing to 3100 leads. It’s astonishing how quickly your list will grow.

If you’re uncertain how to write emails, Jim has you covered there also.  He provides several suggestions for your subject and body. You simply “click” on the one you like and it will magically appear in your mailer –  ready to mail.  All you have to do is hit send.  Could anything be easier?  He also includes a whole bunch of “text” suggestions for you to use.

The only upsell I see is additional professionally made email swipes made by Jim.  Don’t forget he is a master at this and has taught several guru’s – to be gurus.  Although he usually gets paid big bucks for this talent, he offers you 30 of his best for only $59.95.  A bargain.  But he doesn’t push it and you are not obligated to purchase them.  Especially if you think your emails are better.



Another important point to consider is the huge amount of money you will be saving as your list starts to grow larger and larger.  Aweber, for example, charges you $49 a month when your list reaches 5000.  And they increase it to $69 when you hit 10,000.  It goes higher too. – You’ll find that most of those programs charge for your lists as they increase in number.

With Myleadgensecret there are NO extra charges.  And there is no contract.  You can leave your leads right there or you can download them into a file on your computer. – Or do both.


You can join Myleadgensecret by clicking right here.





There are not many legitimate opportunities on the Internet but this is one.  The only word of caution I have is that you cannot expect overnight miracles.  It takes at least 10 to 12 times for a customer to see an offer before he gets interested. And then he has to see it a few more times.  You need to “mix” your messages up.  Pay special attention to your subject line.  Keep your messages short and to the point.  Don’t make your paragraphs too long.  Change your affiliate offer often. If your lead sees the same offer day after day, he may tire of it.  Many affiliates use Clickbank products to offer their leads.  It keeps the emails fresh in addition to making some good money.  Of course the important thing is to get a friend to sign up or promote the program until you get your first sign up. – Doubling your leads from 100 a day to 200 makes all the difference in the world.

Myleadgensecret has one of the best “help”sections I’ve seen.  Don’t hesitate to “chat” with them often if you are not getting the results you expect. – They will respond immediately and give you the training and  suggestions you need.

And my final suggestion proposes a program that generates it’s own organic traffic.  It’s my No. #1 highly recommended program, the one that I personally use, and the one that gives me more satisfaction than I have ever experienced in Internet Marketing.  It is called  Wealthy Affiliate and after wandering around in Newbieland for years, I was fortunate enough to learn about this program from a friend.

It is not – I repeat – NOT a get-rich-quick program.  WealthyAffiliate  is a program that asks you to bring all your life experience, common sense, and determination to the table.  If you want training that will give you the chance of  unlimited income starting from scratch, this is for you. Training that starts from step #1 and together with some of the best instructors in the world, provides you with a business that you can build as large as you wish.

Please take a good look at this, it could very well be what you’re looking for.  Read my complete review of Wealthy Affiliate and take a look around my site.  Isn’t this something that you could do? – You’ll be amazed at how much money you can earn. –  JUST CLICK HERE

Email me at john@johnkalin.com if you have any questions.  Or simply leave a comment here.  I’ll get right back to you.


Best Regards,

John Kalin


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