Hi and welcome to my blog.  You know the most frequently

asked question I get?  “How can you make money with blogging?”

The answer, like most things in life, can be answered many

different ways.  I’ll try to cover some of these ways in this 

review of Wealthy Affiliate.


There are thousands upon thousands of ways to

help you start a blog.  The problem with most of them is 

they either cost too much or they simply show you how to

install WORDPRESS and then disappear.

Building a successful blog does not end with simply setting

up a WordPress platform.  In fact, that’s when the real work

 begins.  Here are four key steps that are taught at WA and

 handled in great detail by some of the best instructors

in the business.

Step #1 – Choose An Interest

Step #2 – Build A Website

Step #3 – Attract Visitors

Step #4 – Generate Revenue

In order to produce a money-making website, you must start

from the beginning and learn the correct methods along with

the right steps and when to make them.  You must learn all

about attracting customers, monetization, and a host of other

subjects.  As in any craft, having the right tools along with the

proper know-how is extremely important.

How do you go about acquiring these skills?  Let’s take a closer


A good teacher is one of the keys to success in the world of blogging. 

Without the proper instructors along with the right tools, setting up

a working, revenue producing website can be extremely difficult.  

With Wealthy Affiliate you are taught by several professional

instructors using several different teaching methods coupled with

the latest techniques and tools available.  Nothing is left to chance.

Not too long ago building your own website was something that

most new bloggers found just too difficult or expensive to tackle.

Most of them tabled their dreams and moved on to something else.

Thanks to WA, that’s no longer the case.  Modern technology has

made it possible to set up your website in minutes with the help

of the professional instructors found right here at Wealthy Affiliate.

I never lost my desire to blog and after several friends introduced

me to Wealthy Affiliate, I took their advice and joined.  As it turned

out it was the best decision I ever made.

Wealthy Affiliate has developed a program that teaches you every

aspect of blogging regardless of how new or  advanced you are.

WA is sure to work for you. 

Are you wondering if you can succeed with Wealthy Affiliate?  If so,

please read my post explaining in a little more detail what blogging

is all about.  Simply click here to read:         “The Big Question”

It will show you blogging from a different perspective and you’ll

learn that determination, desire, and a never-give-up attitude are

the only utensils you really need to bring to the table.



Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 Blogging School On The Internet


Yes, you can.  Join WA for free and let them build your first

two websites.  Get access to lessons, videos, ask questions within

our community even start making money.  After you’re convinced

you’ve made the right decision, upgrade to the “Premium” membership

which opens up all the benefits WA has to offer and takes your career

to the next level.  Kind of like getting your Bachelor’s degree after 

completing your Associate’s.

Wealthy Affiliate has helped thousands of people reach a rewarding

career and gain financial freedom.  A company so secure in its 

product that it lets you try it for free before you spend a dime.  Isn’t

that the way it should be?  Consider the advantages you get by simply

joining as a free member. 

Wealthy Affiliate not only builds your first two websites but also

shows you how to make money with them.  You’ll have 24/7 access to our

experts and our community of fellow bloggers.  You’ll  enjoy direct

communication with the owners of WA who will happily answer all

your questions and take it upon themselves to help you succeed.

Everything you need is yours for FREE.  You can stay a free member for

as long as you wish, even turn your websites into revenue producers

while you’re a free member.  If you decide to upgrade later and take

advantage of everything WA has to offer (and cut down the time you

need to succeed),  you may do so whenever you want.  There is never

any pressure to do so.

You’ll meet thousands of other students, beginners like yourself, others

more advanced, all willing and eager to answer your questions.  Believe

it or not it won’t be long before you too are answering questions posed

by beginners because your knowledge will grow faster than you can 



It’s like enrolling in a trade school for bloggers – for free.  Start with the

“Bootcamp” course, video lessons which are available to watch as often

as you need.  Advance to the next lesson only when you’re ready.  Ask for

help and assistance from the experts or the community, anytime.

Their responses are immediate, 24/7.

You’ll actually be building a business that you can grow as large as you

want. One that can forever change your financial future.  There’s so  

much more to tell you about this great company including an 

affiliate program to help you earn money while you’re building

your business, and long after.




Name:                               Wealthy Affiliate

Website Url:                   https://wealthyaffiliate.com

Training:                         4.8 Out Of  5.0

Website Builder:          4.9 Out Of 5.0

Support:                          5.0 Out Of 5.0

WordPress Hosting:   4.8 Out Of 5.0

Research Tools:            4.8 Out Of 5.0

Success Stories:            4.9 Out Of 5.0

Price:  Starter Membership:     Free

Premium Membership:  49/mth or 359/yr

(Click Here To Join As A Free Member)



One of our founders, also an expert teacher, Kyle, reminds us that

choosing a niche is one of the four steps necessary to becoming a

successful blogger.

Choose A Niche:   (A “niche”, pronounced knee-che) is the subject

you choose to write about.  One of the state-of-the-art tools provided

by WA makes choosing your niche, (even if you don’t have a particular

subject or hobby that you’re passionate about), super easy.  This niche

tool helps you identify a subject you might be interested in.  Don’t

worry about the degree of authority you may or may not have about

the subject.  As time goes by you will learn so much about your choice

that most people will consider you an expert.

Another tool  provides an automatic grammar checker giving you

correct sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, and other grammar

related issues.


Money                                                                                  The Arts                 

Health & Fitness                                                              Cooking

Relationships                                                                    Beauty & Fashion

Personal Development                                                 Personal Finance 

Pets                                                                                        Travel

Politics                                                                                  How To




Wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress and as a free member you have several

templates (themes) to pick from.  Upgraded members get to pick from

hundreds.  Once you do pick your theme, WA takes over and builds your

site in minutes, ready for you to start adding your content.  The lessons 

will take you through this entire process step-by-step.  Of course expert 

help is available 24/7 whenever you need it.  As WA is fond of saying:  

“We have yet to have someone tell us they couldn’t build a website,

who hasn’t quit.”

Within minutes you will have your very own niche website online and

visible to over 4 billion customers.  A website that once took weeks 

to build, can now be up and running in the blink of an eye.  At this 

point I would like you to watch a video called  “How To Create

Your Very Own Website For Free in 30 Seconds or Less.”



See how easy that was?  When you don’t need to spend time on the 

technical aspects of building a website, you are free to focus your 

attention on what really matters – your business.



You will be taught how to bring traffic to your website.  Why is that

important? Simply because traffic leads to customers.  Without

traffic the best website in the world will never be seen.

Included in your free trial is use of one of the most important tools a 

blogger can have.  The tool is called JAAXY and it’s vital to selecting  

the all important “keywords” used by Google and all the other search 

engines.  To read my full report on this exciting tool,  CLICK HERE.


Wealthy Affiliate spends a great deal of time on this important topic

and you’ll be taught everything  about how to make money by

driving traffic to your website in addition to the many other ways

to turn your site into an ATM Machine!



Are you ready to get the most advanced and comprehensive training

in the industry?  Remember, NO CREDIT CARD IS NEEDED!  You are

signing up as a “FREE” member with no other commitment or

obligation.  Give WA a chance, for free, to prove how much they can

help you.  If you’re ready:

                                              GET STARTED HERE                                   




                       WHO CAN BE A BLOGGER?

Anyone with a passion or hobby or just a special interest is a candidate

for blogging.  And why choose Wealthy Affiliate?  For two very good 

reasons.  First of all, – it’s FREE.  WA is so confident of their success

rate they are willing to show you “up-front” how to become a 

successful blogger even before you invest a dime of your own money.

Secondly, we know our training works.  The WA program is designed to

teach every level of member.  Whether you’re a complete novice or a 

seasoned veteran looking to take your career to the next level, WA is 

made for you.  After joining  WA as a free member, you will be taught

the right way, logically, advancing only after  you’ve completely 

mastered  your lesson and only when you’re ready. 

Wealthy Affiliates motto is:


Everything you need to create and grow your own business to any level

you desire – is included with your membership.  The education, the 

tools, the support, the network, the websites, and the community of like

minded students all helping one another is here at WA.

Internet Marketing is the fasting growing business on the net.  Things

are changing rapidly and those who start their careers right now 

with Wealthy Affiliate will be the first to cross the finish line.


Wealthy Affiliate Is The Winner!

Consider these advantages:

1)   Our business will teach you how to capitalize on any

       interest or passion you have.  We’ll show you how to

       succeed even if you don’t have a niche in mind.

2)   No Experience Necessary!

3)   No Product Required.

4)   A “live” education.

5)   Many different ways to learn on your own timetable.

        You can engage and communicate directly within each

        lesson and even get help from our expert instructors, 24/7.

       There are also classes, Live Chat, and Instant Messaging.

6)    And finally – it’s FREE to start!

         Stay a free member as long as you want.  Upgrade only

         when you’re ready to take full advantage of everything

          WA has to offer.  Don’t put off your future for another







It used to be that right after you finish high school you’d go to college

for 4 years to get a degree that usually wound up giving you a sub-par

career.  On top of that you’d probably incur a substantial “student loan”

debt that would take you years to pay down.  

More and more top tier companies are now questioning the importance

of a bachelor’s degree, comparing it to a high school diploma and 

seeking instead, a Master’s Degree as evidence of a solid, well-rounded, 


At Wealthy Affiliate you’re building your own business right from day 1.

You’re taking advantage of the most powerful training platform there is

to come up with a education that will serve you well and you won’t be

starting off your career up to your neck in debt.



I don’t care if your idea of success is $10/day, $100/day, or $1000/day,

they are all possible with Wealthy Affiliate.  There is no glass ceiling

at WA.  You are free to achieve whatever level of success you desire.

You provide the “elbow” grease, the dedication and the desire and

WA will furnish the success.  We understand how a successful online

business is created and we’re going to help you get one.


I’ve Left The Best For Last

Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most exciting affiliate programs

available anywhere online.  You can earn consistent revenue by

simply helping others join the WA opportunity even while you’re

still learning.

Even as a “free” member you earn commission.  As your website

starts being shown around the world and members join WA from

your site, you will earn $11.75 residual monthly income from each

member who upgrades to our Premium level as long as they remain

a member.  

If you are an upgraded member yourself, your commission doubles

to $23.50 for each new upgraded member.  Get 300 upgraded 

members in a calendar year and you will be rewarded with an all

expense paid trip to Las Vegas to be a guest of Wealthy Affiliate at

our yearly convention.

Here is a chart breaking down the differences between a FREE and

Premium membership.    Just Click Here.

To further explain the tremendous potential here, as your website

gains viewership and you start getting just 2 upgrades a day, your

income from just these upgraded members, will increase to over

$1400 per month.  Add to that all the other revenue your website

will produce.  Are you starting to get the picture now?


Here’s A Special Bonus

I’m so sure ydiscount off your first months payment making it only $19.

Of course that will entitle you to ALL the privileges every Premium

member enjoys.  In addition you’ll have access to “private message”

me whenever you need help or have any questions.

I hope I’ve given you enough information for you to make a decision

to join Wealthy Affiliate.  Please don’t hesitate to use my “comment”

section below if I haven’t addressed your concerns or questions. –

Or for that matter even if you just want to say “hi” I’d love to hear from

you.  To join just click the invitation below and follow the directions.

I know you’ll never regret it.ou’ll be successful with Wealthy Affiliate that I’m

going to offer you a special bonus.  If you decide to upgrade to

a Premium member within the first 7 days, I will give you a 59%











All the best,





  1. I stumbled on wealthy affiliate some months ago while I was busily searching for means to earn money online. Back then, I didn’t know much about blogging and monetization of website. When my curiosity draw me into it as I tried out the free package, I discovered it through platform that one can actually make money blogging. I joined the wealthy affiliate university train on premium account and I’ve never regretted being with them. You’re providing a valuable information to your readers, so keep it up to help others who are searching for such opportunity. 

    • DerrAd, I can’t thank you enough for your very kind comments.  I’m so happy you are

      back and I can tell from your attitude that you will be very very successful.  If there is

      anything I can do to help you, I want to do it.

  2. I agree with everything in this post on making money blogging.  I am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and it’s amazing that you get so much here for such a low price with the premium membership.  Where else can you get teaching/mentoring on blogging, branding, attracting website traffic, webhosting, secure HTTP, and so much more for such a low price?  My only issue with Wealthy Affiliate is myself and my difficulty in always following the directions.  That is something I need to work on rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.  

    • Josh, it is such an honor to have you post on my site.  Thank you for taking the time to do so.

      As you point out, Wealthy Affiliate does not leave much to chance.  It seems that everyone,

      like yourself, goes out of their way to help people succeed.  If you don’t want to fail – you won’t.

  3. I enjoyed your review of Wealthy Affiliate.

    It was very complete.

    I did have a couple of questions:

    1) Is there any way to make money with Wealthy Affiliate other than promoting Wealthy Affiliate?

    2) Once the main training is finished, are there on-going trainings or does the training stop?

    3) What assurance do we have that if we follow the monetization steps in step 4, that our blog will actually make money.

    I look forward to hearing from you with these answers.


    • Tim, thank you so much for your kind comments and for the chance to answer your questions.

      I will answer them in the order in which you gave them.

      1) Yes Tim,  there are multiple ways to make money in addition to promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

      All of them are covered in our lessons in detail but just to give you a few of them let me mention

      selling related products, say from Amazon, that people who are looking to become bloggers

      would probably be interested in.  Like books on blogging or new computers or desks to write on

      or tons of other products.  You can advertise these products from Amazon on your site and

      whenever someone purchases something, you get a commission.  And, the good thing is that

      your site being tied into Amazon allows you to get commission not just on a product shown on your

      site but anything the customer purchases no matter what section they buy from for a period of

      24 hours.  There is also a special link Amazon offers that will keep your link live for 90 days.  Tim,

      imagine activating that link some time in October and having it live for Christmas.

      Another method is to “rent” space to companies who because of the amount of traffic you receive

      want to advertise on your site.  Another method is to sell your actual site.  There are many people

      who want to have their own website but don’t want to take the time to build it.  If you have a good

      amount of traffic they will buy your entire site. One of our members recently turned down a bid of

      close to 100k choosing to keep her site herself.  She is now producing about 10k monthly.  You

      can also make a good income from taking on customers one-on-one for tutoring.  And there are

      plenty additional ways to monetize your website.  As you can imagine, it is a very important part

      of our program and we cover it “in depth”.

      2) No, Tim.  The training is endless as long as you’re a member of Wealthy Affiliate.  We are

      constantly upgrading and keeping abreast of Internet changes – always working closely with

      our fellow members (many of whom are millionaires) getting their feedback on “what’s in the

      future”.  WordPress and Google are constantly developing and making changes so we must

      be kept aware of them.  There will always be new and important ways to make money on your

      site and as a member of WA you will always be a part of our team and kept up-to-date.  

      Wealthy Affiliate will always be in the forefront of our industry.

      3) And finally, your last question I will answer this way.  The only assurance we can offer is that

      since our inception in 2005 the rules of monetization have not changed and WA has been super

      successful in this department.

      Commerce will always be commerce and people will always be buying. With a potential customer

      base of over 4 billion people and Internet purchases increasing every year at a staggering pace,

      Wealthy Affiliate will always be the leader in teaching people how to take advantage of these events.

      I look forward to a  most rewarding financial career with Wealthy Affiliate and I would love nothing

      more than to count you as my comrade in this great adventure.

      Tim, thanks again for the nice comments and the questions and I would love to continue chatting

      with you if you have more questions.  Please don’t hesitate to leave a reply below; it will be my

      pleasure to answer you.

  4. It is step-by-Step review of WA. It is great read. The author has gone level of details to highlight the best of WA. The ease of construction of the website in the blink of an eye, niche selection,, blog writing training using using keyword from Jaaxy etc to reflect how money could be made from blog which mostly reflects your passion.Awesome description of Boot Camp and the income from referrals are really appealing.

    Free membership provisions vs premium offers perspectives to the incoming members to join. The author has compelling points.

    Very good review of wealthy affiliate. Thank you for sharing this awesome infrastructure for learning.

    • Anusuya, thank you so much for your kind comments.  I’m so happy I was able to convey some of

      the brilliance of Wealthy Affiliate.  It is truly a remarkable opportunity.

      All the best,


  5. This is a great review about Wealthy Affiliate.  I am a new member myself just joined less then a month ago and am learning a lot from all the training.  There is also the great live webinars every Friday, that will help people even more.It takes work, researching and writing, but if you are up for the challenge then this is a great choice to make, so glad that I decided to check it out.

    • Shy, you are absolutely correct about the training here at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s everywhere.  I’m so happy you

      joined  us and I look forward to your success.  With your attitude it’s sure to come.


  6. Thanks John for your review. I am currently with Wealthy Affiliate and I am enjoying the premium bonuses that you have mentioned in your article. Anyone who has gone through so many ‘scam’ programs will be a fool to not look at Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Thanks, llaisaane, for your kind comments. I’m so happy you’ve joined us and please
      count on my help whenever you need it. You are absolutely correct about Wealth Affiliate.
      You can get a complete education, second to none, have your website up and running and
      making money, – all without investing a dime. Wow is all I can say!

  7. Wealthy Affiliate truly is the best! I tried others, and failed each time! Mainly because I didn’t get the right training, and I got abandoned! I love the support and training WA has, it’s awesome! I’m here to stay!

    • Buffy, thank you so much for your kind comments. The support and training here at
      Wealthy Affiliate is the best there is. If a member doesn’t give up and continues
      to ask for help and clarification about something he is stuck on, – he will not fail.

      All the best to you,


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