Profit From Free Ads – Scam? Or Can You Really Make Money Here?

Jane & Phil Explain PPFA

                                                              Jane Mark & Phil Basten


Today we’ll take a close look at Profit From Fee Ads, an insider’s look at another program from Jane Mark and Phil Basten of Sokule fame and countless other successful programs.


Your Reviewer:              John Kalin

The Website:                 https://profitfromfreeads.com

The Owners:                 Jane Mark & Phil Basten

Training:                       4.9 Out Of 5.0

Support:                       5.0 Out of 5.0

Tools:                           4.9 Out Of  5.0

Success Stories:           4.9 Out Of  5.o


We don’t get much help from the Internet on this one.  The few reviews I have seen are nothing more than PFFA puff pieces disguised as reviews.  One of the reasons for this might have to do with the complexities of the program itself making it more difficult to review.

So let’s begin.  Three of the major benefits to this program are the ability to send Solo Ads for life, the well thought out and effortless way you can build a list by giving away free advertising to your prospects, and the ability to earn big commissions.

Phil likes to say the ability to give away free advertising to your prospects is an enticement.  Jane calls it bribery.  Either way it’s a strong idea which you can take advantage of.  The amount you can give away is determined by the level you enroll at.  The higher the level, the more free ads you can give away.  The amount of times you can “give” away free advertising is unlimited.

Pretty powerful, wouldn’t you say?  Imagine, I can offer my referrals “free advertising” just for signing up to PFFA.  Even as a free member. – Hence, my list gets built.

Even though you can join as a “free” member and use the free ad credits your enroller gave you, the only way you can put the full power of this impressive advertising system to work for you is to upgrade.  You can, of course, stay a free member and when your credits are used up you can earn more by clicking on ads, etc., but the lure of making big commissions and using everything the system does for you to promote any program you want, is almost irresistible.

At this stage, you are still impressed by getting your free advertising and want to be able to do the same thing.  You recognize how quickly you can build your own list but you also see how this program just might turn out to be your no.#1 program.

So now what?  Well, it’s decision time and here’s where you’ve got to put your thinking cap on.  You start to check everything over, paying attention and trying to understand every benefit.  There seem to be so many.

You probably aren’t too familiar with the names Jane Mark and Phil Basten so you do a search on them.  You find out that these Internet guru’s are the real deal.  They own many, many websites.  For the past 20 years or more, they have gotten an education in Internet Marketing that very few of us can come close to.

The lists they have access to and the number of members who’ve joined their programs are almost impossible to fathom.

The point is this:  When they offer you “Solo Ads” for life, that offer is to be taken very seriously.  And when they offer you “text” ads and “banner” ads, they will be seen by countless thousands of marketers.

So as you’re studying to determine at which level you should join up at, bear in mind that the “one-time” offers you see, are just that.  Don’t dismiss them out of hand even if they appear out of your budget right now.  After you sign up  you will not have access to them again.

One fact about Internet Marketing that took me too long to learn is the fact that in order to succeed (at anything) you must be prepared to invest in yourself.

So here’s where we stand right now.  You’ve accepted the free advertising your upline has given you.  You definitely understand the power of free.  You can also see that PFFA could very well be the program you’ve been looking for. And so you join!

I mean, after all, it should be “easy” to get signups when you’re giving something valuable away for free, right?  And those solo ads for life really sound good.  And those big commissions!  At this point you don’t understand all the other great things PFFA offers but just those three things alone are worth it.

So you do a Ben Franklin sheet.  You put the following on the left hand side of the ledger:


  2.      BUILD A LIST – FAST


Ok – you’re sold!  Now let’s take a look at the different enrollment levels.  Before we do that, however, it’s important to understand the following:

Enrollment in PFFA uses what is called an “Ad Pack” system.  There are 7 different levels and as you might imagine, 7 different payments,  each level having more and more benefits.

Level #1 is a very affordable one-time payment of $17.  The benefit is that you will be entitled to a life-time of Solo Ads.  You will also get 20,000 unique text ads views along with 20,000 unique banner ad views.  You also get your special promotional referral url.  You will be able to give away unlimited Text Ads and Banner Ads with 10,000 ad views.  (Value of $50). As you build your down-line you will be able to email them every 30 days.

Your commission will be set at 20% on Ad Pack #1 only.  In other words, if your referral joins at Level #2, you will only get commission for Level #1 (the one you signed up at). Keep this in mind when you are looking at future commissions, the level you join at is the level you will get commission for, regardless of where your signup joins at.  So you can see the importance of joining at the highest level you can.  You can always upgrade later, one step at a time but  your main goal should be getting to Level 7 as soon as possible.  Remember this, you have to work just as much to get a signup whether he/she joins at Level 1 or Level 7.

Not to put too keen a point on this, but, say you join at Level #1 and your first signup joins at Level #4.  Your commission would be 20% of Level 1 ($17), whereas had you joined initially at Level #4 you would get commission for Levels #1, #2, #3, and #4 or $97.30.  Big difference, right?  And don’t forget all the increased benefits from joining at the higher level.

Another key factor you must understand is that if you want to join at Level #4, for example, you must pay for Levels #1, #2, #3, and #4 all together.  Level #1 by itself costs $17.  Level #2 costs #37.  If you wanted to come in at Level #2 it would cost you $54, the total of Level #1 and #2 together. – Of course these are all one-time payments which to me is very important.  Remember also, as you pick what level to come in at, that whatever level you select, you will not get commission at a higher level should one of your signups comes in higher than you.

That’s another reason you should pay close attention to the discounts being offered before you make your decision. Starting at Level #4 you are offered a discount of $53.  If you want to join at Level #5 you can get a $76 discount.  Level #6 gives you a $102 discount and the big one, Level #7, which is where you should strive to be,  gives you a whopping discount of $172.  Level #7 is the one most of the experts choose.  They take the discount and never have to worry about fees again. Choosing Level #7 also gives you the option to schedule your payments over a 3 or 4 month schedule.

Ad Pack #7 is the “whole” enchilada.  Here’s what you get:

  1. Email all members via Solo Ad every 2 days.
  2. 7 text ads with 400,000 monthly ad views.
  3. 7 banner ads with 400,000 monthly ad views.
  4. Email your downline every 2 days.
  5. You earn 50% commission on Ad Packs 1-7 sales.
  6. You get 560,000 additional ad vews from Ad Packs 1-6.
  7. You Can Giveaway UNLIMITED FREE text and banner ads with 70,000 ad views. ($350 value)
  8. You will get your own money making “blog” account.
  9. 100,000 additional credits added to your account EACH month



BONUS #1 – Get 10 million list building credits at SOKULE (Value $12,700)



Well, to sum up my review and explain exactly what ProfitFromFreeAds  is all about, here are my final thoughts:


PFFA is a list building site that let’s you give away Free Ads in order to entice/bribe people to sign up under you.  Even if they don’t you still have their name on your list.  It is also the premier place on the net to place your own advertising and send solo ads for life – to the entire PFFA membership.

It’s a long term program, one that you could easily make your #1 offer.  All charges are one time only so you don’t have to worry about monthly fees.  I notice many of the Internet pros join at Level 7 right away and even if you can’t afford to follow suit, it’s something you should strive for as soon as possible.  If you can’t start at Level #7 go as high as you can and then step up whenever the money starts coming in.


If I’ve left something out or if you have some additional questions, please leave a reply below.  And now…..I’m officially offering you 30,000 FREE AD CREDITS TO PROFIT FROM FREE ADS.






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