Is it a ptc group? Yes. Is it paid to click? Yes. Exactly what is paid to click and do you get paid to click? Yes. It is all of these things and much, much more.

As anyone knows who has devoted time to clicking ads in the hopes of making a few dollars each month, your rewards can be less than desired.  I always found the negatives of such programs to far outweigh the positives.

For example, many of the pay-to-click sites only pay one-tenth of a penny.  Or they limit the amount of ads you can click on to just a few.  There are others where in order to make some money you have to perform tasks which can take a lot of time.  Surveys, for example, can run you through many hoops only to find that you do not qualify. Other are particularly hard to understand, hard to navigate, and difficult.  The ones that suggest you can make money by paying for referrer’s, to me, are close to scams.

Even if you do pay for referrers – they don’t click and you end up paying for new ones. When all is said and done and you discover the “secret” charges against your account, you find out you really haven’t made any money at all.

No, – there has to be a better way!



Since I am a member of PTC Groups my review will be honest. I will give you both the pro’s and the con’s and let you decide if PTCGroups is the better way.

So who are we? ( I mean the members of this group). Well, we’re just a bunch of like-minded people like you, who have a burning desire to make enough money on the Internet to make a difference in our lives. – No, not a million dollars or anything like that, but an amount that will help us as we struggle with our monthly expenses.  We don’t want to be scammed and we don’t want to work 60 hours a week.

We don’t sell products.  We don’t have to buy products. We don’t have to call anyone and we don’t have to spend any money at all to get started. 

The qualifications to join PTCGroups are quite simple.  All you need is a computer and internet access and be willing to put in 15-25 minutes a day, 4 to 5 days a week.

Now hold on your hats because this next part is mind blowing.  Some of us do put in the time.  We work the 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week and, after awhile, make over $5,000 per month.  Yes you read that correctly.  We also have the potential to earn over $50,000 each and every month.  I will explain this in detail further down.

Many people ask me….”if this program is so good, why haven’t I heard of it before?”… and the answer is you just did! And many, many more people will be hearing about us in the near future.


The basic idea is this:  You join 1 or more recommended ptc sites for free. These are the exact same sites your are used to, (assuming you do click ads for money.)  You click your ads and get your payments as usual.  However once you collect your payout you deposit them into your very own PTCGroups account.

Then you will receive commissions from everyone who joins PTCGroups after you who makes their deposits. And it doesn’t matter where the next person who joins PTCGroups comes from.  EVERYONE WHO JOINS PTCGROUPS AFTER YOU IS “UNDER” YOU.  So you earn from their clicks as well as your own.  So you see that as PTCGroup grows, so will your commissions.

If you are already a member of one of the ptc sites connected to PTCGroups, you can keep your membership and simply make the minimum deposit listed for each site you join and you will then be entered into the PTCGroups straight-line matrix for each site you work with. 

Although you may have to spend some time understanding all the rules and regulations, believe me – it is well worth your time to do so.  PTCGroups also has a FREE training program.  After you take the training you will be asked two or three questions and if you answer them correctly, you will be rewarded by a deposit being made for you into one of the matrix programs. 

There are really only two reasons most people don’t join a new program and they are:

1) They think it’s just another scam.

2) They simply do not understand how the program works.

It’s precisely for those reasons that PTCGroups developed the PTCGroups Training Program.  If you like the training and answer a couple of questions correctly, you will receive the following FREE bonus gifts:

1) A FREE PTCGroups Referral 

2) The Admin will be your personal coach and/or guide.

3) The Admin will actually make your first deposit for you..so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

So now, if you have hesitated joining PTCGroups, I have removed the two obstacles standing in your way.  After I give you the link to join, you will scroll down towards the bottom of the page to sign up.  Since everything is free I don’t feel bad asking you to make sure that my username, unkljak, is listed at the top of the form: Ptc Groups Registration Ref: unkljak

When you return to your site look at the very top of the page and when you run your mouse over it you will see “Index Of All Of Our Pages” Everything is explained in those pages – and in great detail.  But essentially it’s very straight forward.  You simply join, send in your deposits for the sites you wish to join and grab your referral link to start building your downline.

Remember – EVERYONE WHO JOINS PTC GROUPS AFTER YOU, WILL GO UNDER YOU! NO MATTER WHO REFERRED THEM.  But, as you will learn later, there are certain benefits (and lots more money) if you’re willing to help build PTCGroups.  As the company grows, so does your income. And when I say “help” build PTCGroups, I mean take your referral link and learn how to advertise using traffic exchanges or other means which PTCGroups  teaches you.

But, just to clarify things, just registering will not make you any money.  You must quickly get into any or all of the ptc sites offered by PTCGroups.  The more programs you join, the more money you will make.

This is NOT a get rich quick program.  It will take you a bit of time to build your PTCGroups business.  But I will be up front with you.  When I joined all the programs available to join and made my deposits for each one, I was totally floored by my first month’s payout.  I never in my life expected to receive that much. There is no magic here.  You simply join one or more ptc sites listed by PTCGroups, click on your ads, and when you have made enough money (the amount you need is listed by PTCGroups), you deposit it into your PTCGroups account and that’s it.  

This bears repeating:  Once you make your minimum deposit for the sites you choose to join, you are entered into a straight-line matrix program for each site you picked.  EVERYONE who joins PTCGroups after you and makes their minimum deposits will be UNDER you. And as PTCGroups grows you will get paid for everyone under you who makes their deposits.  And that list grows each and every month.  So get in NOW.

A referral is someone who is assigned to you.  The company works hard to obtain these referrals for you.  Just a tip from me, the more referrals you have the better you will be.  Although you’re not required to, by sending your referral link out to as many people as possible, either through word of mouth or by using traffic exchanges, etc., you will be helping both yourself and PTCGroups to make more money.

When you get 5 or more CURRENT referrals, you are moved to the very top of each matrix you are in and you will collect down from all the levels in each matrix you are in, up to $5,000 per month for EACH matrix you are in.

Wealthy Affiliate Show The Way


It might take a while to grasp everything about this program so I have decided to offer this FAQ section.  Here are the most frequently asked questions about PTCGroups.


Q. What happens when a downline member (referral) doesn’t click ads or make their deposits?

A. Any member who does not make their deposits within the timeframe given by PTCGroups for any ptc program will be REMOVED from their matrix position and placed at the bottom of that matrix.  After 30 days of inactivity, they will have their account deleted.

Q. What does it cost to join?

A.  It doesn’t cost anything to join. You NEVER have to invest or upgrade.

Q. Can I send my direct referrals to PTCGroups?

A. Yes.  You are encouraged to get direct referrals and you can be assured they will be placed under you in your matrix.  Send in a request for your unique splash page (a pre-made advertising page that has your unique referral link embedded in it) and advertise it.  PTCGroups has training showing you exactly how to do this.  To maintain your membership at PTCGroups you must refer at least one (1) new member every rollup period (one month).  But don’t worry, you may buy a referral from PTCGroups for $1.00 to satisfy this requirement.

Q. How do I stay active in PTCGroups?

A. You must join 1 or more of the recommended ptc programs using the referral link PTCGroups provides.  You must deposit your payouts from your ptc sites into your PTCGroups account within the time frame for that ptc site. Some of the sites have a 30 day time period, others have 60, and so on. However if you are already a member of a ptc site on the PTCGroups list, you may keep that membership.  Still make deposits for that site and you will enter the PTCGroups matrix for that site.

Q. Can I have more than one account?

A. Yes.  Unlike most other programs, you may have as many accounts as you wish…and have time for.  You MUST use a different username for each account but you can use the same email address.  Just remember, having more than one account means you have a lot of clicking to do to keep each account up to date.

Q. Can I make a deposit BEFORE I get my payouts?

A. Yes, you can make a deposit at any time.  Of course our goal is to support the recommended ptc programs.  You must maintain your membership at all the ptc sites you make a deposit for. But, by making your deposit first – rather than clicking until you have enough to make your deposit, you gain the advantage of starting your downline immediately with everyone joining after you make your deposit, going under you.

Q. Will I have to continue to click ads at all of my sites forever?

A. No.  All that’s required of you is that you maintain your membership in every ptc site you make deposits for.  That means that you will only have to click an ad every 30 days in most cases….but to keep your matrix position you will still need to make the minimum deposit within the timeframe.  Remember, you can use your earnings to make deposits, buy referrals and/or get into the next cooperative program – (A program PTCGroups offers where everyone shares in the advertising).


Once you make a deposit into your PTCGroups account for 1 or more ptc sites you may request the AUTO-DEPOSIT option.  On the 18th of each month the computer will automatically make the minimum deposit into each of the matrix programs you work with.  

To explain this further:

On the 18th of each month the computer will check to see if any of the programs you entered are due and check to see if you have enough to make the minimum deposit.  If you do have enough the computer will proceed to make the minimum deposit in each matrix program you are in UNLESS your “Current Until Date” is MORE than 31 days in the future.

So if your “Current Until Date” is beyond the next rollup date, the computer will NOT make a deposit for that program.

Of course it is your responsibility to assure there is sufficient funds on hand for the computer to do its job.

Well I hope I’ve given you enough information to make an informed decision regarding PTCGroups.  It’s a simple program with a short learning curve but huge, and I mean, huge rewards at the end.  And it’s totally FREE. Remember, PTCGroups stands behind their promise:




If you’re ready to join, just CLICK HERE.

Remember this – I am here to help you.  All you have to do is email me and I will do my best to answer any question you have.  It’s Free so what do you have to lose? 


All the best,

john kalin


My website: johnkalin.com







John Kalin

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