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The other day my wife was telling me how much she loved to cook.

She said she learned from her grandmother who came over from

Italy bringing all her cooking secrets with her.


Well my wife sure picked up on those secrets.   I look forward to our                                      family get-togethers when everyone just raves about her pasta and                                            chicken cacciatore and home made spumoni.


And talk about her Philadelphia Hoagie, you’d have to go to Pat’s or Geno’s                              in South Philly to find one better.


She went on to say how often people told her to open a restaurant.

But her health held her back.  She’s wasn’t sick or anything but she has  

a bad back and everyone knows opening a restaurant is a lot of hard work.

Then there was the family to tend to….. Well, she just never got around to it.


I asked her why she didn’t share her cooking with the rest of the world by                                starting her own cooking blog.


She looked at me as if I were nuts.


“Are you serious,” she asked..I don’t know the first thing

about computers or websites or any of that stuff.  I don’t

think I could do it.”  “Who could teach me all that?”


Since I have been a blogger for quite awhile,  I told

her about Wealthy Affiliate, the online school I attended

that taught me everything I needed to know about

blogging.  And they let you start for free. – And stay

free if you like.  

Wealthy Affiliate Gives You Free Classes

I started just out of curiosity.  For free. And  after completing only

10 or 12 classes, taking advantage of the video’s, the professional instructors, 

other bloggers helping me,  putting up an actual website, and all the other          

freebies,  I just knew I would be successful.  So I upgraded.  Kind of like going 

on to Graduate school for your Masters.


I’ve never regretted that decision and my life keeps

improving  because of it. They always say that you

need a hobby after you retire –  to keep you busy.

Well,  Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect answer.



And I make enough money to vacation in Italy whenever

I want to or to buy those expensive pots and pans my wife loves.


I also pointed out to my wife  how much fun it was attending school again and 

how accomplishing something made you feel so good and brought new meaning 

to your life.                                        


I just love challenges.


I  told her she didn’t have to worry about not being familiar

with  Internet Marketing or computers or writing because

Wealthy Affiliate is the acknowledged leader in the field

of teaching everything there is to know about Affiliate Marketing

and the specialized field of Blogging.                                                                                          


Wealthy Affiliate starts you off  like you were in kindergarten.

First you learn the basics, then WA shows you step-by-step,  

how to build your first website.  From there, 

these “pro’s”  teach you how to make money with it.  It’s really not

that hard.  I was ecstatic when I actually got paid the first time.

You talk about proud.


And the thing is – you don’t have to know about anything in

particular. WA teaches you how to find the right “niche” and

have fun doing it. There are over 4 billion people on the Internet

every day.  No matter what niche you picked out, you would have enough

customers to become very successful.


I told my wife blogging was nothing at all like most people 

imagined. It was fun – rewarding – and very, lucrative.  You

would be surrounded by people just like you who would  love to

share their knowledge with you and help you succeed.


Such a great way for someone who is retired, like me, to not

only occupy their time but also to bring in some extra money.


Let’s face it, do you know any other occupation where you

are in complete control?  Where you can work the hours

you want?  Where you can take off whenever you want?


Where you can actually take your computer with you and

head for the beach to work?  


Nobody can fire you! Nobody can take advantage of you.

You decide when and where you work and how much

money you want to make.


Maybe you just want to make a few dollars or maybe 

you want to get passionate and build your website to 

the point where you’re making life changing money. 

You can do either.


Just food for thought. (a  pun – did you catch it?)


The other bloggers I met in my classes turned out to be

some of my best friends.  Needless to say I’m still a

member of WA and my website is up and running and

I’m making pretty good money.


I was startled when my wife told me she would like to try it.

“Now you’re cooking.” I responded.  (Another pun).

She didn’t laugh either.



Why don’t you take a look at my website.  Just remember this:

you don’t have to be a good writer and you definitely don’t have

to be an expert at anything. – WA covers all that. – They explain

everything from soup to nuts. (I’m sure you got that one). 


First, sign up for free.  You don’t need a credit card.  When we say

free, we mean it. 


                              Just Click Here



After you sign up for free if you would like to look around my

website, just click anywhere on this line.


If you would like to know more about it don’t hesitate

to email me.  I’m not pushy so don’t worry. I’ll answer

every question in a direct and honest way.

Life is short. What have you got to lose?  It’s free.

Think it over.


 Gotta run now – time for lunch.


Hey honey, remember Bill Haley’s big hit?

“Get out in that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans”




Best To You,




John Kalin

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