What Is A Niche Website

In this post I’m going to answer the question, “What is a niche Website.”  I’ll talk about some of the reasons you should build one and I’ll include a few niche ideas.  You’ll be able to learn a lot from this post so let’s get started.

To explain “blogging” in general and “niche” blogging specifically, imagine the following scene which takes place practically every day in most malls across the country.  A group of seniors, usually retired, meet in their local mall to socialize.  They might be neighbors, maybe not.  Maybe they discuss the latest book they’re reading or a recent movie they’ve seen.  Maybe they discuss politics, although less and less lately.  They talk about the high cost of living, the high cost of dying, the grandkids, pictures of their vacations, and on and on.  Just things that make life, – life.



On this day it’s snowing and cold – it’s mid winter! The group shows up in no particular order.  Mary, who was there just minutes ago but excused herself to keep an appointment with her dentist, returns unexpectedly, shaking the snow off  her boots and collapsing in a chair.

“My car won’t start,” Mary exclaims, looking around the group one by one, as if things like that are not supposed to happen to her.  She relates her ordeal in great detail explaining that she’s tried everything but nothing worked.  “I guess I’ll have to call a tow truck,” she complains disgustedly.

“Wait a minute, Mary,” smiles Sam, the most senior of the group.  “I think I might know what the problem is.  Let me take a look at it, maybe I can get it started.”

Together they leave the group and head for Sam’s car where he picks up an item from his trunk.  Returning to Mary’s car Sam asks her to pop the hood and then disappears underneath it.  After a few minutes Sam closes her hood and asks Mary to give it a try. It starts immediately.  

“Oh my God, Sam, you’re a genius. What did you do?”  “It was nothing, Mary, just some rust and corrosion on your battery posts.”



End of story!  And what did we learn?  We learned that Sam was a hero because he helped Mary.  Do you think Sam knows everything there is to know about cars? The answer is no.  Is Sam smarter than Mary?  Again no.  Sam simply knew something that Mary and the rest of the group didn’t. – And that’s the very essence of blogging!

Let’s continue to follow Sam as he decides to follow through on his long held desire to become a blogger.  He liked the idea of  helping other people and had thought about blogging before but couldn’t get past the misconception that he’d have to be an expert about cars in order to blog about them.  Secondly, he always felt he’d never be able to master all the technical “mumbo-jumbo” needed to set up a website.  After all, he had never been good with computers and this business about “coding” or “html” just turned him off instantly.  He was not computer or technically savvy.

But Sam didn’t give up on his dream.  He believed in himself and accepted the challenge.  He made himself a promise that this time he would stick with it if the going got tough.  Not invent some excuse to quit like he had done in the past.  No, this time would be different. 

So he did his homework; reading books, listening to friends, doing Google searches, etc., etc.  He noticed one name cropping up over and over – Wealthy Affiliate.  He researched it deeply and found nothing but positive reviews.

He read a blog by John Kalin and asked himself, “How can this be?”  Getting two websites for free along with free lessons and free help from the top educators in the business.  Have I finally found a website that’s not trying to rip me off?  Sam was  persuaded. He joined WA for free and true to their word, Wealthy Affiliate taught him everything about blogging.  They explained it in everyday language, the 24/7 help was fantastic and the other members, who answered every question he had in a moments notice, many of whom would soon become lifetime friends, clearly made this the best decision he had ever made. 

   Four (4) billion people a day searched the Internet and among them were thousands and thousands of Marys,  Sam figured  correctly.  He only needed a few of them  to make his website successful and supplement his stretched-thin Social Security check.

Sam learned quickly at Wealthy Affiliate. He consulted Triple A, the police, consumer reports, NHFSA, USAA, his insurance company, his car dealership, mechanics, and everyone and/or anyone he could think of for ideas on helping stranded drivers, maintenance help, basic car information.  His website soon became the “go to” site for all car related problems.

He treated his blog as a business.  He was happy and excited by the help he received from his friends at Wealthy Affiliate.  They were there for him day and night, 24/7.  The video lessons were awesome and he watched them over and over.  This course was the real deal!

After a few short lessons he learned one of the most important  “secrets” to blogging.  A free tool included with his membership at WA introduced him to JAAXY – the KEYWORD champ. For my post explaining exactly what Jaaxy is and how important a role it plays in blogging,  just click here. While the content on your website is extremely important, without knowing about “keywords” and the proper usage of them, your chances of success are greatly diminished.

And so Sam built his website upon a solid foundation of both “content and keywords.”  Without even knowing it, he was setting himself up for a very pleasant surprise and getting closer and closer every day to the success he dreamed about.

He continued to study and saw his traffic (the amount of visitors to your website) increase steadily.  His next lessons took him through “monitization” (equipping the website to make money) and he learned how to set up Amazon on his site (at no cost to him) and sell car related items for which he received commission – all without lifting a finger.  He started selling batteries, tires, and other car related items. Money started trickling in. He was on his way.

He realized he knew so much more about blogging now. He  decided to share his knowledge with others by introducing an online blogging course.  He understood that people from all over the world were starving for an honest way to make an income from the Internet.  He could help provide that.  He charged a monthly fee for his blogging course and soon found his income had grown larger than his retirement check.


Is Sam’s story one in a million?  Not at all!  We live in the “information” age.  People want answers immediately.  You are blessed to be right in the middle of this opportunity. Wealthy Affiliate can help you take advantage of this moment.  Sam did it, why not you?

I hope this post has dispelled the notion that you must be an “expert” in your chosen niche.  In Sam’s example he was taking advantage of a “niche” in the huge topic of Cars by selecting a smaller, tighter, topic concentrating on basic car maintenance.

As far as technical issues are concerned I refer you to my post showing you how WA builds your website complete and ready to go in under one minute – free!  To read this post, click here

And now, let me go over “niche” marketing with you.  The simple explanation is that a “niche” (pronounced knee-sh) website is one that focuses down on a very specific part of a larger topic.  To return to Sam again, the broader topic was Cars.  A niche website for that topic might be “Ford Cars” or going down even deeper you could use “The Chrysler Cordoba -The 1975 Model.”


As a rule the broader your niche, the more competition there is and the harder it is to obtain high rankings.  The more specific or focused your topic, the better your chance to rank on Page One of Google.  

Why? Well, for example, a person who is just browsing and visits a website about Health & Welfare is not generally focused and ready to make a purchase.  But if the same customer is searching for ways to increase his energy and visits your website about “vitamins,”  giving full descriptions of each along with details and comparison charts with prices, more than likely you’ve just made a sale.

I am now going to give you a list of the “Top 10” blogging topics, along with comments and niche ideas that drill down on the larger topics.  

Here are 10 of the most successful blog topics that will drive traffic to your website and make you money. 


Subject                           Comment                    Possible Niche Website

Sewing & Knitting      A Huge Niche            Your Pet Deserves The

                                                                                     Best In Outerwear.


Parenting                       Grandparents           How To Train Junior’s 

                                            Pregnancy Tips,       Grandparents And 

                                            Moms, Dads.              Remain Friends.


Health & Wellness      Mega Topic                Walk With Me, Faster

                                                                                    Do Vitamins Really


Lifestyle                          Everything                Bad Girl Fashion

                                                                                     Is 9 Too Young To       


Frugal Living                 All About Living        Make Money –             

                                             On The Cheap            Save Money

                                                                                       Visit China on $1

                                                                                      Per Day

Home Decor                    Bloggers Love           Do-It-Yourself

                                              This Huge                   Pillows For Your

                                              Topic!                          Dining Room Table?

Christian                           Huge Topic               Bibles From Across

                                                                                       The World.

                                                                                       A Proverb A Day

Health & Fitness            Google This               Latest Heart Gadget

                                               And You’ll See          Don’t Walk Too Long

                                               Just How Huge        Is Your Water Safe?

                                               This Topic Is!

Food                                      Wow! – Not Too      Bacon & Eggs? Safe?

                                                 Many Topics            Pies From Around

                                                 Bigger.                       The Globe

Travel                                    You Could                 Does It Snow In

                                                 Write About             Israel?

                                                 This Topic                A good pedometer,

                                                 Forever!                    Are There Any?

And one last one that’s special:

Blogging                             Introduce                  What Is A Niche

                                                People To The           Website?

                                                Opportunity  Of



Wealthy Affiliate Is The Best

We Love Wealthy Affiliate





And just in case you need a few more topics, consider these:


Digital Photography,   How to become Instagram Famous,            Veganism for Newbies, All About Drones, Tatoos, Wine Tasting,  Cats, Dogs, Fish, Snakes, Recipes for Young Professionals, The Story Of The Dictionary.

And there you have it.  I can’t think of any other excuse you could use for not getting started with Wealthy Affiliate right now.  Put your credit card away – you won’t need it.  Start free – Stay free as long as you want. 




But please do me a big favor.  I want you to promise me one thing please.  Since I will help you get a website up and running  I would like you to return here and post your website (free traffic for you) within the comment section below.  I also want you to share this website with any friends or family members that you think might like an opportunity like this.  Do we have a deal?

If you have some questions I would be more than happy to answer them for you.  Just leave them below or shoot me an email at john@johnkalin.com   Thanks for taking the time to read this post and I truly hope you will consider joining.


All the best,




John Kalin

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